Sunday, September 22, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on September 22, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for "Sunday Morning" on September 22, 2013. Autumnal equinox. Lee Cowan on Reel Life. Second, Bill Whittaker on movies, The New Season. Third, Anthony Mason interviews Cher, now 67. Fourth, Bill Geist on Mark Twain. Fifth, Seth Doane on the ukulele. Serena Alschul; ice cream cone.

Headlines: Hostages still being held at the mall in Nairobi. Millionaires Casino. Islamic extremists in Peshawar, Pakistan. Attack in Afghanistan. Washington Navy Yard. Steve Jobs time capsule in Aspen, Colorado. Weather: rain in east.

Lee Cowan does "Seven Up". Started in 1964. Done by Michael Apton, who was then 22 years old. The latest installment is "56 Up." Apton directed "Coal Miner's Daughter." The story of Neil, who was homeless at age 28. But by age 56, a lay minister in his church. Story of Nick. Now a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Story of Tony Walker. Apton's goal to keep the film going until the kids are 84 and Apton is 99.

Almanac. Sept. 22, 1903. Patent application for a mold for ice cream cups by Italo Marchiony [US 746971 issued Dec. 15, 1903 ]. [Not mentioned in the story but relevant to patents: Marchioni's patent was not for a cone and he lost the lawsuits that he later filed against cone manufacturers for patent infringement.[wikipedia]
Later in time US US2035631 ]

Serena Alschul on croquet. Interview John Osborne in Central Park. 1967: New York Croquet Club. US Naval Academy vs. St. Johns in Annapolis.

Bill Whitaker on a film called "Gravity." Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Saving Mr. Banks. Tom Hanks as Disney in a movie about Mary Poppins. Ron Howard's Rush. "American Hustle" "The Wolf of Wall Street." "August Osage County" Robert Redford in "All is Lost."

Look at the Emmys by the numbers. Started out as IMMY. Record is 37 by Frazier. CBS won 44. Ed Asner won 3. 6 pounds 12.5 ounces.

Seth Doane with Jake Shimabukauro on ukulele. Initially called a machette. Brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in 1879. Uke and lala mean "flea jumping."

Sunday passage. NY premier of the monotone silence symphony. Eve Klein. 70 musicians. who take turns holding a single tone. Dominique Levie. Klein works in one color: blue.

Anthony Mason on Cher. Skit on retirement homes.

Bill Geist on Mark Twain. Hannibal, Missouri. Jim Rodell. Richard Gary. Are there any idiots in the room? Citizen Twain. Heretical Fictions. I was born modest but it wore off.

Pulse. season you enjoy most 34% fall; 31% spring.

Week ahead: 23 Sept: stamp for Ray Charles; Thursday: Christies in Chinga. Friday: George Washington presidential library.

Ben Stein opinion on budget crisis. Conference committees. Closing down government is wildly dangerous. We don't just pick up our toys. Don't let [our day] be doomsday.

Moment of nature. Florida's Preserve State Park along the shores of Tampa Bay. [ Caladesi Island State Park ? ]


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