Sunday, September 15, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on September 15, 2013

Charles Osgood, in a red bow tie, introduced the stories for Sept. 15, 2013. He first noted that voters in Colorado removed two state senators who had advocated gun control. This was an introduction to the cover story, by Anthony Mason, on the Glock. Osgood noted that 2/3 of American police departments use Glocks, even though the company is based in Austria. Second, Ricky Gervais is introviewed by Mark Phillips. Third, Mo Rocca on the Rockefellers, centered on Eileen Rockefeller, daughter of David Rockefeller. Fourth, Tracy Smith on Earth, Wind, and Fire. Fifth, Nancy Giles on Bobbi Brown. Steve Hartman on the husband who found his wife a kidney. Then, a story on a replica flag to that which inspired the Star Spangled Banner.

The news started with Secretary Kerry speaking to the Israelis about the deal with Syria. Margaret Brennan gave a news report from Geneva on the agreement, which would have Syria's chemical weapons destroyed by mid-2014. Flooding in Colorado. Two storms in Mexico: Manuel and Ingrid. A statue to commerate the victims of the bombing at the 10th Street Baptist Church, 50 years ago.

Within the story by Mason on the Glock, there was a picture of US Patent No. 4,825,744. The inventor of the Glock had no prior experience in guns, and took a fresh look. The Glock has only 34 components.

The almanac was on the birth of Fay Wray, on Sept. 15, 1907.

Nancy Giles had talked with Bobbi Brown back in 1991, when Brown's business took off. Brown had a completely different view of lipstick than the then current providers. Leonard Lauder recognized the importance and baught her company.

Sunday Morning noted the death of Calvin Coolidge ("Cal") Worthington.

Bill Flanagan provided a repeat of his "no problem" editorial on the problem with "no problem." Of relevance to stories on Sept. 15, Flanagan mentioned "Thank you for giving me your kidney."

The moment of nature by Spiriva was on flamingos at Lake Bogoria in Kenya.


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