Sunday, September 01, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning for September 1, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for summer's end, Labor Day. The cover story is by Martha Teichner on telecommuting. Booking a flight with JetBlue. Radiologist reading x-rays from his basement. To commute or not telecommute? Second, Serena Alschul on Tim Robbins. Shawshank Redemption. Now Tim is teaching inmates on acting. John Blackstone on Joe Blum who is photographing workers of the new Bay Bridge. Lee Cowan on Arsenio Hall, once the prince of late night. Anthony Mason on J.D. Salinger. David Edelstein. Mo Rocca on pencils.

Headlines. After events in Britain, President Obama now wants Congressional approval on actions in Syria. This is Plan B. Obama asks "what message will we send if dictator can gas civilians?" Comments on Obama from state run Syrian newspaper: American retreat. Nelson Mandela goes home. Deborah Potter in South African. Smoke conditions in Yosemite. Sir David Frost died on the Queen Elizabeth liner at age 74. Weather: scattered showers in NE. Rain for Labor Day.

Martha Teichner on telecommuting. Starting with Shamir Shah in Pittsburgh. Works for Virtual Radiologic, and reads x-rays, cat scans from his basement. Work heaven. Move: Office Space. To commute or telecommute. Sociologist Jennifer Glass at the University of Texas. CBS poll: 24% of Americans telecommute. Issue: available to work 24/7? Monday and Friday are biggest days. Poll: 40% say they work same hours. Michell Mueller for JetBlue. Does reservations 7-5. Salt Lake City. How does Jet Blue know Michelle is working? Monitoring. Rebecca Ludlow of Jet Blue. She critiques calls of Michelle., shoe retailer. Zappos discourages telecommuting. Tony Sheh is CEO of Zappos. Marissa Mayer of yahoo scaledback telecommuting. The idea wall at Zappos. Zack Ware of Los Vegas did building design of Zappos. Average office 100-150 sq. feet per person; Zappos has 90. Shah is 1 of 400 radiologists of VRad doing work for 2700 medical facilities.

Sept 1, 1752. Isaac Norris announced arrival of Liberty Bell. Weighed over a ton. It cost 100 pounds, now $20,000. In Oct. 1777, bell was removed from city. E flat. Last rung 1846 for George Washington's birthday. From 1885-1915, bell traveled around country. Silent symbol of promise of America.

John Blackstone on photographer Joe Blum, now 72 . Been photographing bridge for 15 years. Bridge is suspending from a single 500 foot tower. Blum worked as a boiler maker. Iron workers: Mental and emotional toughness. Joe was taking pictures of the ironworkers. Peter Stackpole photographed the old bridge. San Francisco Arts Commission opened exhibit of Blum's photographs at City Hall. Blum's only income was social security and pension from days as boiler maker.

1994 film Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins. Serena Alschul interviews Robbins giving an acting class to inmates in California. "state of happiness." Actors Gang, founded in 1981. Bull Durham. Life with Susan Sarandon for 23 years. Dead Man Walking. 1996. Now, a play. Gill Robbins with The Highwaymen. "Thanks for Sharing" opens this month.


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