Sunday, September 29, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning 29 September 2013

Are there still golden times of television? Campaign season again, and NJ's Christie -- a bully? Metallica today, in "High Voltage." Ron Howard learns about his movies. George Washington library; twerking; stop-gap measure of health bill, until December 15; government shut-down; 15 deaths of Arizona firemen and blocked communications; Yankees won 2-1 last night.

Charles Osgood talked about the first golden age. Lee Cowan does the story, starting with a clip from Gilligan's Island, and a clip of Fantasy Island. An allusion to "vast wasteland." Clip from VEEP by HBO. Rob Reiner. Never before such a wealth of nutrints. Reiner alludes to the first golden age as in the 50s. Andy Greenwald of In order to get attention, they took risks. AMCs Breaking Bad. Walter White. Bryan Cranston: You can't put on Magnum PI and expect it to succeed in this day and age. "House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey. Promises immune to changing circumstances. Boardwalk Empire. More room for risk. Audiences want to be challenged: Terence Winter of Boardalk. Winter wrote for The Sopranos, which changed television forever. The Good Wife, Friday Night Lights. TV now looks like feature movie. Walking Dead. Top reated scripted show. Greg Nicaterro. 32 episodes: draw characters out. Kardshians and Honey Boo Boo.

Average American watches 4 hours 19 minutes of tv daily.

Almanac. Sept 29, 1992. Magic Johnson: I'm coming back to the Lakers. Fall of 1991: infected with HIV. First call Johnson got was from Larry Bird. Previous story by Jim Axelrod. Member of Dream Team in 1992. Coached Lakers in 1994.
Played ball in 1996. "Magic Theaters."

Presidential library of George Washington. Story by Chip Reid. Cost: 100 million dollars. Kurt Vegrands is president of Washington association. Heart of museum is vault. Washington's copy of Gibbon. Don Quijote. Washington's Acts of Congress. Martha Washington destroyed George's letters after he died. More than 5000 books have been written about Washington. Washington owned the largest distillery in America. "Fred W. Smith"

Tracy Smith does questions and answers with Chris Christie. Working the crowds at the Jersey shore. Nothing typical about him. Charlie Brown's teacher mentioned. I don't have time to sully myself with this garbage. Use of word "idiot." Christie: I'm a fighter. Defend his point of view. Super storm Sandy damaged Jersey shore. Railed against Congress about relief money. Sandy broadend Christie's image: compassion. Reception given to Obama. They were badgering me. Barbara Bono. Issue of same sex marriage. Put it on a ballot. City of Orange. Veto of minimum wage bill. Conflict is a comfort zone. Christie was born in Newark. Christie's dad was Irish and a Republican. Mother: most dominant force in my life, even today. Mary Pat Foster. Married in 1986. Entered politics in 1994. You only want to do things you are successful at. Won governorship in 2009. You've got to work it out. Rehabilitation instead of prison for drug offenders. Christie on Letterman. Look at my record. Judge me for who I am. The sun comes up.

Sunday Agenda. Meet the Greeds. AKC.

Faith Salie. Opinion on twerking. Suggestive dance move. "sexually provocative manner". Morgan Freeman gives definition on Dunday Morning. Miley Cyrus on MTV. 1914: Tango damaging to the soul. We can look the other way.

Ron Howard on race car driver Lauda. Howard as Opie. As Richie Cunningham. 1973's American Graffiti. Grand Theft Auto. Howard watched The Graduate over and over again. Both rebellious and hilarious. The music was great. There's really an audience for this. This would be great business. Sneaking his family into the movies. Rush is what Ron Howard does.

New place for Sunday Morning Sun. Lower and little bit more to the right. Shifting sun allows more room for picture on HD sets.

Pulse: 71% say autumn is about the right length.

Week ahead: retrial for Amanda Knox; Tuesday: open enrollment for health care. Wed. Detroit bankruptcy. Thurs. Alaskans get $900 Friday: Labor Sat. Humane Society.

Edelstein on movie Gravity. Spiritual odyssey. Be reborn. Gravity is cornball, but it's incredible. See Gravity in 3D. It's Bulloch's movie. Fusion of faith and math. The hire corn.

Next week on Sunday Morning. The real Captain Phillips. Janis Joplin.

Moment of nature. Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana.

Osgood with a red handkerchief and blue bow tie.


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