Sunday, September 08, 2013

"60 Minutes" on September 8, 2013

First, a story on robots by Steve Croft. Andrew MacAfee from MIT notes robots are responsible for the jobless recovery. Routine middle skilled jobs with structured tasks are being eliminated. Heavily automated warehouses. Devons, MASS: 100 people and 69 robots. Bruce Welpy of Quiet Logistics. El Camino Hospital with robots called tugs. da Vinci surgery systems. Mention of IBM's Watson. eDiscovery for law firms. Tesla factory in California. Rodney Brooks of iRobot. Baxter. Baxter costs $22,000. Rethink Robotics. Baxter lasts 3 years. $3.40 per hour. adept technology. Cobra Robot. Phillips Electric Shavers. What are the people going to do? And, computers are not likely to challenge our authority (contrast 2001).

Second, Lesley Stahl on 9/11 Memorial Museum. An in-depth story. This is an update of a story from April. 2983 names of victims of 9/11. The museum is under the memorial plaza. Foundation Hall. The belly of ground zero. A museum in an artifact. The final resting place of love ones. Greenwall: we are all survivors of 9/11. Survivors' staircase. 441 first responders lost lives. American Airlines Flight 11. American Airlines Flight 77. United Airlines Flight 93. Sound can be a more emotional form of communication. Sensitive question about people jumping. Bodies falling from the north tower. "You have to tell the story." Cantor Fitzgerald, 658 people lost.

Third, Lara Logan on Michael Jackson's legacy. The Michael Jackson brand is alive and well. Cirque de Soleil in Barcelona, Spain. John Branca, an architect of how to make money from legacy. Michael Jackson worldwide ticket sales $300 million. "The Michael that we knew." The Michael Jackson that John Branca knew. 20% of will went to charity. Branca and John McClain were executors of will. Zack O'Malley of Forbes: he never stopped spending like it was the 1980's.


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