Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Morning on August 11, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for August 11, 2013. Science fiction. Mark Strassman reports on damaging foreign species. Lee Cowan on Bryan Cranston. Breaking Bad. Matthew Teichner on Michael Bolten. Bill Geist on meltdown, grilled cheese. Mo Rocca.
Headlines. Police in Idaho. James DiMaggio. Mudslide in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Explosions in Iraq. US consulates open. Edie Gorme died. Weather: storms in south.

First up, Asian silver carp. Explosive population in Illinois River. Nutria in Louisiana. David Lodge of Notre Dame. Invasive species. Starlings. Kudzu. Japanese vine. Unintended consequences. Emerald ash borer. Adam Putnam of Florida. Giant African land snail. Citrus canker. This is a story with legs.

Almanac does shopping, going back to August 11, 1992. Mall of America opened. 40 million guests each year. Jingle all the way. 1996 youthful crime spree.

Art fair with Mo Rocca in Omaha and Nagoya. Artist Jun Koneko. Ceramic heads. Dongos. Dumplings.
Garrett Reineck. Raccoon dogs. Kanukis. Chicago's Millennium Park. Hawaiian shirts.
Costumes for the Magic Flute.

Lee Cowan on Bryan Cranston. AMCs Breaking Bad. Robin Deardon. Walter White high school chemistry teacher. Ego driven maniacal. Filmed in Albuquerque NM. Police Explorer program in LA. Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. Argo. All the Way as LBJ.

Steve Hartman on Richard Rinaldi. NY photographer who poses strangers. Touching Strangers. Broke down barriers. Humanity as it could be.

Bill Geist on grilled cheese mania. Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles. Tim Walker. Four categories. Missionary category. Kama sutra category. Honey pot category for dessert. Eric Greenspan of the Foundry. The economy goes bad, people go to comfort foods.

Faith Salie on money matters. Jane Austen on 10 pound bank note. In us, Martha Washington on one dollar bill in 1886. Harriet Beecher Stowe? Harriet Tubman. Dolly Parton. Gypsy Rose Lee.

Michael Bolten recycle.

Anthony Mason. Marisha Pessl. Night Film. Gowanus drain tunnel in Red Hook. Stanislaw Cordova. Asheville, NC. The Hungarian Pastry Shop. price Waterhouse coopers. Special Topics In Calamity Physics.

Remembering Eydie Gorme.

Ibma in Asheville. PO flags stamps on Friday.

Moment of nature. Sponsored by Spiriva. Sea lions in La Jolla.


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