Sunday, August 25, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on August 25, 2013

Charles Osgood, with no bow tie and a red shirt, introduced the stories for August 25, 2013. The design show starts in Miami Beach on "the new world center." What's new is old and what's old is new, in the cover story by Tracy Smith. Second, Susan Spencer on the psychology of design (color). Third, Lee Cowan interviews Jennifer Lopez. Fourth, design of golf courses, by Bill Geist. Barnacle Bill's miniature golf course. Martha Teichner, Seth Doane, Erin Moriarty, Richard Schlesinger. [The entire show seems to be recycled.]

Don Daylor in the news room. Massive wildfire in Yosemite. In DC, Obama on Syria. 50th anniverssry of "I have a dream" speech. Julie Harris died. Forecast: heavy rains in west. Hot in midwest.

Susan Spencer on the importance of color in design. Toby Israel. Tree in kitchen. Mark Jerrold, psychoanalyst. Finding things that we there all along, but you didn't notice them. Benjamin Moore: sweet innocence. Drunk tank pink.
Painting prisons with drunk tank pink. University of Iowa, painted visitor's area pink.

The moment of nature was Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, near Bonita Springs, FL, with owls and alligators. Note that the earlier "By Design" episode on May 19 had a different Moment of Nature.


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