Sunday, August 04, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning for August 4, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for August 4, 2013. "Hooked" on heroin addiction. A Star's Trek. Mo Rocca
On hunt for hidden treasures. Art in the wild. Lee Cowan on Carol Burnett. Anthony Mason on Vivienne Westwood.

Headlines. American embassies closed in 22 nations. Possible attack by al Qaida. Major League Baseball is refusing to negotiate with Alex Rodriguez (A-rod). Legionnaires disease in Violet Township, Ohio. Driver runs into crowd in Venice, Ca. Obama's 52nd birthday.

Weather. Rain in northeast.

Maureen Maher reports on heroin addiction in Naperville, Ilinois. Caroline Casina lost her son John to heroin. Heroin Highway. Kathy Caine Willis is interviewed. Most rapid growth for people under 21 within middle class America. Prescription drug abuse. Vicodin, OxyContin. Expensive. Heroin is cheaper and more powerful. Jake, Peter, and James grew up with Casina's son. You don't see the consequences. John had been arrested twice. Heroin is a community problem. Wants a nationwide Good Samiritan law. Naloxone as an antidote. An untameable beast that is a shapeshifter.

August 4, 1901 birth of Louis Armstrong. Pennies from Heaven. High Society. 1956 NY Philharmonic. Hello Dolly in 1964. Died in 1971 in Queens, NY.

Anthony Mason on wild wild Westwood. MET on punk legacy. Guiding spirit of the punk image. Be obscene as possible. Urban guerrilla. Now she is 72. Sex in the City bridal gown. Malcolm mclaren of the Sex Pistols. Clothes for Heroes. She has 126 stores. Corset. Reaction against what is. Be in the same thing all week. Queen as symbol of hypocrisy but now social cement. Tattler photo as Thatcher. Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Steve Hartman in Racine, Wisconsin with Fred Hermes. Giant Wurlitzer organ. Built in 1959. March 1926 organ. Michigan Theater in Detroit.

Michelle Miller on George Takei. I have trekked all over this planet.
500 acre plot of land in Arkansas. Concentration camp. 110,000 Americans in relocation centers.
A look back in time. Later in Tule Lake, Ca. Teacher: Miss Lewis. Studied acting in UCLA.
1965. Audition for Star Trek. Brad Altman in 2008. On Big Bang Theory.
Musical: Allegiance. Block 6, barracks 2 in Arkansas.

Eileen Brennan died last Sunday. Last Picture Show. Sting. Private Benjamin in 1980. Injured in 1983.
Eileen was 80.

Mo Rocca in Cancun with a recycled story on MUSA. Jaime Gonzalez's job is to protect the reef.
Roberto Diaz Aquaworld.
Jason Taylor's vision for underwater sculpture. Ultra hard concrete. Art gone wild.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Carol Burnett show, which ran for 11 years. You're too big for television.
Studio 33 now home of Price is Right. Less like a star and more like a friend. Carrie became a writer and an actress. Book: Carrie and Me. Carrie died at age 38. Daddy was like a drunk Jimmy Stewart.
Le Conte Junior High School. Once upon a mattress. I'm back. Variety is a man's game.
Tim Conway and Harvey Corman. Parody of Gone with the Wind.

David Edelstein reviews movie Elysium. End of of civilization movie. 2154 on a ruined earth.
Stuff going boom. Rich have left for Elysium. Jodie Foster as ruthless defense minister. A robot programmed by studio executives.

Week ahead. Mon mayor of San Diego. Tues Paul Allen and undertakers. Thurs NOAA on hurricanes. Sat auction in Dallas. Gi joe.

Ben Stein in Sand Point. Santa Fe owned by warren Buffet. What is real wealth. In your own back yard, toto.

John Palmer. Daughter married to Lee Cowan.

Next week. Brian Cranston of Breaking Bad.

Moment of nature. Penobscot River in Maine. Blacked Susan. Lilies.


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