Sunday, July 21, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on July 21, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for July 21, 2013. First up was the cover story by Cheryl Atkinson on LiveStrong. Michael Birdsong, once a donor to LiveStrong and a volunteer, is suing to get his money back. Second, Erin Moriarty on a movie about the shooting of Oscar Grant in Oakland, CA. Third, Lee Cowan on Bruno Mars. Fourth, a story on 1026 N. Beckley by Tracy Smith. Also, stories by Elisabeth Palmer, Steve Hartman. Story about Helen Thomas. Opinion by Nancy Giles.
Headlines: Fires in west. George Zimmerman. Arlington, Texas roller coaster Texas Giant. Three bodies discovered in Cleveland. Helen Thomas died at age 92.
Forecast: cooler in northeast.

Ov cover story, Livestrong supposedly helps 2.5 million cancer survivors and families. Livestrong is located in Austin, Texas. Birdstrong began to suspect issues in mid-2007-2008. An aisle of vs. Quote from Birdstrong: We were suckers. We got taken.

Almanac. July 21, 1875. The date Mark Twain took out a copyright on the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Based in fictional St. Petersburg, MO. Tom Sawyer was not a success until the publication ten years later of Huck Finn.

Next up, was a story by Elizabeth Palmer, Walking on Air, about StrandBeasts. Built of PVC pipe near Amsterdam. Animaris Vulgaris.

Next Bill Plante on Helen Thomas. Worked for UP for 40 years. In 1943 a writer for UP; big break, job to cover White House in 1960. Married Doug Cornell.

Next was a clip of John F. Kennedy with Lyndon Johnson in Dallas. Then, there was a clip of Walter Cronkite on the Warren Commission report of Sept. 1964.
Dallas boarding house at 1026 N. Beckly. Gladys Johnson was the owner of the boarding house.
Patricia Hall is the grand-daughter, and was 11 years old at the time. Scared, humiliated. Gladys destroyed the sign-in sheets. Oliver Stone asked to shoot a scene there. Lou Wood sought out Gladys Johnson. FBI inventory of effects. Claimed one of the pillow cases. The exterior is the same. Patricia Hall is now selling the house. 500K asking price. Oswald said: never, ever harm another human being. Last lines of story: history for sale in Dallas.

Next, the sound of emergency alert 3:51am on Wednesday morning. Authorized by Congress in 2006. A tip from amber alerted millions did lead to recovery of child. Emergency alerts authorized by President cannot be dialed.

Erin Moriarty on Fruitvale station and shooting of Oscar Grant III. New Years Day 2009. Cell phone video by spectators. Michael B. Jordan. Brian Kugler, film maker.

Steve Hartmann. Bushnell Park in Connecticut. "Joe the Barber" cuts hair of the homeless.
Like a grandparent to all of us.

Next, Bruno Mars.


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