Sunday, June 23, 2013

Repeat of "The Money Issue" on Sunday Morning on June 23, 2013

Anthony Mason introduced "The Money Issue" on June 23, 2013, which was a recycle of a previous show on March 24, 2013:


The cover story was on "The Sharing Economy." As to sharing cars, GetAround. RelayRides. Rent a Tesla for $35 per hour.

TheTieSociety rents ties. Airbnb. Lawrence Summers is on the Board of Lending Club. Renaud Laplanche notes a return of 6% - 9%. Started in 2007. Worth of 3 billion. Neil Garenflo of Shareable. Peg Powell in Bay Area rents out rooms/her couch. Uses Airbnb. This trend is like a return to the days of boarding houses. Poll--willing to rent out clothers yes 48% no 49%.

Martha Teichner on Seal of Approval about Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Peter Thomas Roth. Rosemary Ellis, Editor in chief. The magazine was founded in 1885. Was instrumental in passage of Pure Food and Drugs Act in 1905. Stopped taking cigarette ads in 1952. Teichner does taste test on frozen waffles. 21 million people read each issue.

Erin Moriarity on art of Brendan O'Connell on Wal-Mart.

Pieces on rapper 50 Cent; pickles.

Faith Salie, Omaha Nebraska, family credit union, Sue's House. "Our Family Social Credit Union." Sue Kane. Started in 1950, Manley and Lucy Williams. Now 511 members. Peggy Powell on credit unions.

Saving for retirement. If you make $75K per year, need 800K saved.

Bill Geist on "between the covers." Desiree Holt, a 76 year old grandmother.

Rita Braver on Steve Case, of AOL. Now, Revolution, which has interest in LivingSocial and HelloWallet. ZipCar. You're only going to hit a homerun if you are swinging for the fences. The potential for computers to be used for commerce and personal communication. Niche hobbyist market? AOL/TimeWarner. Thomas Edison: vision without execution is hallucination. Case left company in 2003. Net worth of 1.4 billion. Steve Case at SweetGreen started by Georgetown University grads. Case is now 54. Bill to make it easier for fledgling companies to get funding. In it to win it over the long run.

Lee Cowan on US income tax rate. 100K income, Denmark taxes 42%. US is 18.7%. US has no VAT.

Suzie Orman.

Face the Nation on Snowden.

Next week on Sunday Morning: Stephen King.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. Treasures of the Sea. Anemones.
Mussels. Starfish.


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