Sunday, June 09, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on June 9, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for June 9, 2013.

First, Susan Spencer on use of smartphones,
Second, Richard Schlesinger on Harvey Fierstein and Tony Awards (tonight, on CBS).
Third, Lee Cowan on Kareen abduljabbar
Fourth, John Blacksone on Huey Lewis.
Faith Salie, Seth Doane, Steve Hartman

News. South Africa's Nelson Mandela in hospital. serious but stable. debra potter. obama and chinese. santa monica. john sowarie. jaclyn seabrook. cater evens.
corey booker. belmont. serena williams.
clear in ne.

Some technology experiments are saying we are more disconnected than ever. 91% of American adults own cellphones. MIT technologist Sherry Turkle. Book "Alone Together." Video clip of man on cell phone walking off train platform. Researchers at the University of Maryland. Sergei Golaninsky. Clip from "What's My Line." UCLA's Gary Small. "Your brain on Google." Significant increases in brain activity, especially in frontal lobe. Writer Nick Carr. It's about how to reclaim conversation. Half respondents say they use mobile devices while watching television.

Almanac. June 9, 1934. Donald Duck. The Wise Little Hen released by Walt Disney. Explosive tirades became his trademark. Clarence Nash supplied the voice. Devotion to Daisy. Attentiveness to his three nephews. Elton John in 1980 concert in Central Park. In 1984, 50th birthday. Clarence Nash honored for volunteer work by Ronald Reagen in 1984, but died the next year in 1985.

Faith Salie on refrigerator magnets. Louise Greenfarb. Owning the most magnets. 45,000 in her Nevada home. Photo album. Anthony Gretch analyzes. "Life at home in the twenty-first century." Facebook and Google calendar. "Here is our life on the refrigerator."
Dave Kapell. Magnetic poetry. David Bowie. One day Kapell sneezed. In Notting Hill. Simpsons. Creative clutter of refrigerator door. More than 30% of refrigerators now made of stainless steel, which are not magnetic. Now, you text your note. "the naked shine of steel seduces us.

87% of survey respondents have magnets on refrigerator.

John Blackstone interviews Huey in Bitterroot Valley in Montana. In 1983, "Heart of Rock and Roll." Album Sports.
If this is it. Now, 30th anniversary of Sports. Do you believe in love in 1982. Golf and fly fishing. Now 62, Huey spends time on his ranch in Montana. 500 acres. A chance to de-compress. Band: Clover. 30 years old is old in this business. We were about to make it. Huey Lewis and the American Express. Afraid that American Express would sue over name. Thus "the News." The thrill is being able to play music and have people show up. "We are the world." Met Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan gave him song, which he did not record. The best songs are gifts. The Power of Love written for Back to the Future. Cameo in movie. We pay well. We create a nice atmosphere. We are very lucky and we try to remember that.

Esther Williams died on Thursday in Beverly Hills at age 91. The Unguarded Woman. Clip from "Person to Person," with Edward R. Murrow.

Seth Doane on Sesame Street. Focuses on family of Jackie Puckwa. Mother, from Ghana, placed in jail. Ajay the oldest son took over. Melissa Deano on Sesame Street discussing incarcerated parents. 30 minute documentary. Will be distributed to therapists offices, schools and prisons. 2.3 million Americans are currently behind bars. 1 in every 28 kids have a parent in prison. Alex the muppet is colorful, but color-blind. Sesame Workshop. More than 50% of people behind bars have a child under the age of 18. The use of invisible ink. [if you don't glow (when time to leave), you don't go]

Harvey Fierstein in Mrs. Doubtfire. Now up for 5th Tony Award. Two shows now on Broadway: Newsies and Kinky Boots. Voice like a deep-throated jazz diva. Harvey on Cheers. In Independence Day. "baby sit a cactus." Cyndi Lauper did music for Kinky Boots. First Tonys in 1983: Torch Song Trilogy. Le Cage aux Folles. In 2003, Hairspray. Role in Mrs. Doubtfire. AIDS activist. "tough time getting around Broadway."

Steve Hartman on Martha's Vineyard, Cynthia Riggs. Got a strange envelope in the mail. A coded message. Marine biology lab in San Diego, Howard Adderbury. Substitution code. Age of 90. I've never stopped loving you. They got married last month. A 60 year dream come true.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Statue outside of Staples Center in LA. Worrying about stats is petty. Boycotted 1968 Olympics. Reputation as being aloof. ABC reality show Splash. Rare form of leukemia. Now travels the country. Retired 23 years ago. Majored in English and history. Written a half-dozen books (one related to invention of light bulb). Potato chip invented by George Crumb. On shoulders of giants. 138th Street in Harlem. Noble powerful servant. Carmansville Playground. Blood game. Roger Murdoch in Airplane. Trophy for playing little league baseball. Threw ball 95 miles per hour.

Week ahead. Mon.: George Zimmerman Tues.: auction of first edition of Great Gatsby. Wed. Whitey Bolger. Thurs. World Horror convention Fri. IRS shuts down for day Sat. Queen Elizabeth's official birthday.

Thomas Wells Corper born.

Next week: backup singers.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Pinenut Mountains of western Nevada, where wild horses roam


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