Sunday, June 16, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on 16 June 2013 (Fathers Day)

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for Sunday Morning for June 16, 2013.

The Sunday Morning cover story was by Lee Cowan on the lives of the astronaut wives.

Second, story on comedian Jim Gaffigan. Fatherhood.

Third, Mo Rocca on Debbie Reynolds. The good girl you root for. Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor.

Fourth, "behind the music" on backup singers by Ben Tracy.

Serena Alschul. Bill Geist. Nancy Giles.

Headlines. North Korea has proposed high level talks with US. In Colorado, "black forest" fire. In Iran, Assan Rahani, moderate. Egypt's Islamic government cutting off relations with Syria. Kim Kardasian mother of baby girl. Phil Mikkelson holds one stroke lead. Game 2 of Stanley Cup. Forecast: warm weather across country. Last day of spring.

Story "Back on Earth…" Wife of Jim Lovell. April 1970. Apollo 13. Jim Lovell: This is the business I was in. author Lily Keppel. Sue Bean. Space suburbia. astro-wives. Jeannie Basset-Robinson. Also, wife of Gene Cernan, last man on the moon.
Never would argue. Charlie Basset died in a plane crash. In 1967, Apollo 1 tragedy. Most of the marriages fell apart. But Jim and Marilyn Lovell celebrated 61st anniversary. Wives of Apollo 12: being a part of the space race, proud, thrilled and happy.

Almanac. June 16, 1903. New Bern, North Carolina: Caleb Davis Bradham, got trademark on Pepsi. In 1959, Richard Nixon consumed Pepsi in Moscow. The Pepsi Generation. The Pepsi Challenge.
In 1985, New Coke. you've got the right one baby. Back to the Future-II.
Neither cola can afford complacency.

Close shave. Barber pole. Serena Alschul. Mike: Michael Dubin. For a dollar a month, high quality razors sent to your home. March 6, 2012: launched a video. From 7 to 7:15am, site crashed. In 48 hours, 12,000 orders. Now, 200,000 members. New York Shaving Company. John Scala. Badger hair brushes. A throwback to a by-gone era. Straight razor. Nick Burns, shaving expert. In grown hairs with cartridge razors. Mach 3 shaving system. Skit on Mad TV: 20 blades. Shaving in ancient Egypt. In 1904: the invention of the safety razor by King Gilette. Look sharp; be sharp. Michael Dubin: lotions and potions used by your dad. Celebration around the culture of shaving.

Debbie Reynolds story recycled. Miss Burbank contest in 1948. Married Fisher in 1955 at Grossinger's.

One week after. Edward Snowden. Seth Doane files Sunday Journal from Hong Kong. Snowden chose China to hide. David Zweig is political science prof at Hong Kong University. US had put Chinese cyber-spying on agenda. On day of China/US meeting, Guardian broke story . Glen Greenwald got the scoop. Snowden would hold Rubik's cube. Simon Young is Hong Kong lawyer. Independent judiciary. Asylum law.

Anthony Mason on "Stand Up Dad." Jim Gaffigan. No sleep; the pay is horrible, but people like it. "I'm the Dumbo." Observational humor about everyday of life. Home birth. Home for Jim and Jeannie is a two bedroom walkup on Manhattan's east side. Book "Dad is fat." Solitary, introspective pursuit. Wrangler in a herd of runaway scooters. Chesterton, Indiana. Youngest of six kids. "I was funny." Graduated from Georgetown University in 1988. Raised to seek security. Studied finance. Worked as litigation consultant. Did an improv class because afraid of public speaking. Now 46 years old. Jokes about food, hot pockets. "I'm going to die." Dominos pasta bread bowl diet. Gotham Comedy Club. A clean comedian. Family friendly, clean. Bob Newhart was clean. Gaffghanistan.

Compared to 20 years ago, fathers are
--more involved in raising kids, 40%
--less involved in raising kids, 35%

The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. 72 ounce steak. Danny Lee. Steak stare. Big Victor. In 50 years, 55,000 have taken the challenge; 8500 have won. Siberian tiger took 90 seconds to eat 72 ounce.

Ben Tracy with Mary Clayton. [Merry Clayton]. Professional background singer. Sideground singer. My job is to make them look incredible. Clayton was a Ray-lette. Joe Cocker, Neil Diamond. Lou Reed: doo, doo.... Spiritual vibe. We are the choir. In 1969, the Rolling Stones. Gimme Shelter. Female voice. "It's just a shot away." New documentary film: Twenty feet from stardom. Morgan Neville. Judith Hill on "The Voice." "This is it" comeback tour. Merry Clayton: we are grateful for getting our due, and it's about time too.

[Aside: both Jif and Nutella advertised hazelnut spread on June 16 on Sunday morning.]

24.4 married fathers with kids.

1.7 billion on electronic gadgets for Dad.

93 million fathers day cards sent. Just half sent to fathers. 30% of these cards are humorous. 75% of fathers would like more time off from work to be with new-borns.

Nancy Giles on bras. 85% of American women are wearing the wrong size. Playtex living bra. Maidenform. Bra-burning. Good bras cost money. Joke: this shade isn't exactly "nude" for a whole lot of us.

Paris air show. Tues. Obama to Berlin. Wed. end of slavery Thurs. Jen. Lopez gets star. Friday: first day of summer. Sat. 75th anniversary of Joe Louis and Max.

Steve Hartman. Driven. Luke Balowsky, law student. 16,000 strokes into coast to coast. Tee to shining tee. Another 30,000 strokes to finish.

Next week: the money issue.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Gannets on New Zealand's North Island. Getting ready for Fathers Day.

I'm Lee Cowan. Thanks for joining us. Have a good rest of your weekend.


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