Sunday, June 23, 2013

"60 Minutes" on June 23, 2013

The first story on "60 Minutes" on June 23, 2013 concerned Michael Morton. The report had originally been broadcast on March 25, 2012. See the story Evidence of Innocence: The case of Michael Morton

The second story was on the Russian band "Pussy Riot." This report was also a re-cycle.

The third story was on Ideo, originally broadcast in January 2013. David Kelley. How to design breakthrough inventions
and IDEO CEO Tim Brown on the future of "design thinking"
. Breakthrough ideas happen everyday. Having a diverse group of people and building on one another's ideas.
Empathy for the consumer. Try to understand people through observing them. In 1978, Kelley started what would become Ideo. Steve Jobs was an early client. Jobs was deep into every aspect. Apple III and Lisa. $17 mouse. Make it intuitive for the human. Rubber coat the ball. "I thought you were good." Tivo's thumbs up; thumbs down.
Steelcase turned to Ideo to re-invent the classroom chair. It's not rocket science; it's empathetic to people. North Face into China. Kelley was at Boeing. Kelley grew up in Ohio. Tinkering who put things back together.
Stanford University's Product Design program. "It was heaven." The synthesis of art and engineering. Biggest misconception: he was mean. he was just trying to get things done. Kelley got throat cancer. Go straight to Western medicine; don't try alternatives. Living with cancer. Focus on kids; fight more to survive. School centered on "human centered design." "The D School" Daughter Clare. Branscomb Farms.


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