Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Morning for May 26, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, 2013. We mark Memorial Day this weekend, with a two fold meaning: remembering and noting the unofficial start of summer.

The cover story is “Call of the Wild” by Serena Alschul. The Magee Marsh Boardwalk in northwestern Ohio. What’s in your backyard (birdwise)?
Second, Lee Cowan on “Time to Remember.” Photos from Vietnam.
Life is what happens when you are making other plans.
John Blackstone interviews David Copperfield.
Mo Rocca on “In the Swim,” swimming suits in style.
Anna Warner on World War II. Anthony Mason on Vampire Weekend. Steve Hartman.
News. Floods near San Antonio. 15 inches of rain. Obama in Moore, OK. Stabbing of French soldier in Paris (connection to London stabbing?). 97th running of Indy 500. In Boston, 3000 runners do final mile of Marathon. Forecast: cool but clear in the east. Monday warmer but wetter.

Serena Alschul reports the cover story “Call of the Wall.” Magee Marsh Boardwalk near Toledo, Ohio. Kim Coffman on the biggest week in American birding in May. Each year crowds flock to Ohio. Northern Bobwhite population is down 82%. There are about 47 million birders. Richard Crosly, British photographer, says birding is not big in the US compared to Europe. Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary in Indiana. May 3-5, 2013. Alexandra Forsyth found 60 different species of birds. Purple Finch, Indigo Bunting.
Oven Bird, Hooded Warblers. Major Randall Rogers. “Warbler Neck.” We flock together. Brian Kimberling in Yellow Wood State Forest. Drew Lanham: discovering the unknown. Canoe trip down Green Creek. Tom Cashmere. Kim Coffman: we want to focus on people; supporting habitat conversation.

Almanac. May 26, 1978. Atlantic City starts gambling. Diving horses at Steel Pier.
Miss America in 1921. LBJ nominated in 1964 in Atlantic City. By 1988, a dozen casinos opened. Last year, 7th straight year of declining revenues in Atlantic City. Miss America coming back after 8 years in Las Vegas.

1942 Ford Seep (sea going jeep). Anna Werner at WWII Museum in New Orleans. B-17 Bomber. 10,000 artifacts. Staff Sergeant Tom Blakey. Has logged 13,000 hours as a volunteer. Blackey is called “The Living Artifact.” Tom was with 82nd Airborne. Morning of June 6, 1944. I/505. Kept Germans from going over bridge to Utah Beach. Story of first man Blakey shot and killed. This man haunted Blakey. Blakey was angry for decades. Museum in New Orleans opened in 2000. One Wednesday morning, after four months at museum, Blakey noticed he did not see image of first man he killed. [Side note: By 2036, it is estimated there will be no living veterans of WWII.]

Song “Holiday” by band Vampire Weekend. Anthony Mason notes the band has a history of not being what they seem. Currently Vampire Weekend is number one album.
They met as undergrads at Columbia University. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house. Film by Koenig gave name of band. Provocative preppy veneer. In 2008, Spin Magazine picked them for cover. Internet music culture. Putrescent stench of old money. Almost made preppiness radical. Koenig grew up in New Jersey. Modern Vampires of the City.

Osgood talked about the tornado in Moore, OK to introduce story by Steve Hartman about the Brown Brothers (Caleb ) and their sister Courtney. [Recycled from CBS Evening News.]

Winter is supposedly long gone. Mo Rocca on the treacherous waters of beachwear Valerie Steele of museum at Fashion Institute of Technology. By 1920’s a suntan was a status symbol. First bikinis in 1940s. Exposure of the belly button. Model “Amos.” Parke & Ronen. For men, show a little leg.

Soldiers returned from war want to forget experiences. Charlie Hoy in woodworking shop in Portland, Oregon. Lee Cowan interviews Hoy, who went to Viet Nam in 1967.
“This is a moral job.” Give guys in the field coverage. Battalion photographer. He had taken almost 2000 pictures during his tour. He put pictures in a shoe box. Places in my brain that I walled off. Chris Regenstein. Coping with war. Celebrating the guys in the pictures.

David Copperfield interviewed in Sunday Profile by John Blackstone. Now at MGM Grand. Most tickets worldwide by a solo performer. Now, he does 15 shows per week.
It’s a secret, not a trick. Trick belittles it. There’s a method behind it. “Now you see me.” Four magicians pull off a huge heist. Robert Houdan. International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts. David Piava. Thurston. Harry Blackstone of the 1930’s. Korby’s was the shop his father owned. Koffman of Metuchen, NJ. Statue of Liberty.
Great Wall of China. In 2006, he bought a string of islands in the Bahamas. Chloe Goslin.

Bill Flanagan of MTV. “No problem.” As “ you’re welcome.” Public service announcement: if you want to get good tips, only say “no problem” if task might be problematic. Graceful way of telling people you have gone out of your way to help.
Hold off on using “no problem” until all people born before 1980 are dead.

Sneak preview of summer. 31.2 million Americans driving on Memorial Day. 2.5 million flying. 11 million children attending camps. 309,000 public pools 5,426,000 million private pools. 150 million hotdogs consumed on July 4. 5.5 million gallons of ice cream. Vanilla number one flavor.

Week ahead. Monday Memorial Day. 3pm local time. Tuesday. Soyuz 35 rocket. Wed. 60th anniversary of Mt. Everest. Th Oprah at Harvard. Fr. Joseph Grimaldi Memorial day. Clown. Sat. start of hurricane season.

David Edelstein. Ironman. Boogerman III (made up). Star Trek 12 (into darkness, baby faced versions of old guys) Hangover III. Cynical effort to squeeze money. Fast & Furious 6. Vin Diesel. Michelle Rodriguez. Before Midnight 3 (Ethan Hawke) Triumph of naturalism. One movie around that does not seem “by the numbers.”

Next week. Lee Cowan with Adam Levene. Bette Midler on Broadway.

Moment of Nature. Volunteers of America. White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. “truly a national treasure.”

**Background information

from What Is A DUKW? :

A DUKW is an amphibious vehicle that was designed and built for use in World War II. They were originally built on the 2 1/2 ton CCKW Army truck sometimes called a "duce and an half". Now they are used mostly for commercial tours and adventure type rides on land and water. There are also some private collectors who keep and use them for their own use.

DUKWS are street legal to drive on the roads and are also legal to drive on water as recreational boats.

If a dukw is used for commercial "duck tours" depending on which waterways it is used on, the dukw may have to meet the commercial U.S. Coast Guard requirements for tour boats. We can provide those services.

There was also a smaller version of the dukw which was actually an amphibious Jeep called a GPA or Seep. Seep was a term used meaning sea going Jeep.

Supplemental information:

from wikipedia: The band consists of four members: lead vocalist and guitarist Ezra Koenig, guitarist/keyboardist and backing vocalist Rostam Batmanglij, drummer and percussionist Chris Tomson, and bassist and backing vocalist Chris Baio.


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