Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rhodes University in South Africa: our plagiarism policy applies only to students

Within the post Professor caught in plagiarism storm
, there are allegations by a (former) graduate student (Webster) of copying without attribution by a thesis advisor (Knight). Concerning various plagiarism matters at Harvard University, IPBiz has noted that plagiarizing students are treated differently from plagiarizing professors. In the incident in South Africa, it might appear that Rhodes University has no policy as to plagiarizing professors.

From the post:

When she discovered the alleged plagiarism, Webster contacted both Rhodes University and UJ to investigate the matter.

Webster said it took Rhodes University two years to respond to her complaint, and she found its response disappointing.

The university indicated in an e-mail that it had no jurisdiction over the matter because its plagiarism policy applied only to students, and Knight no longer worked at the university.

UJ responded to Webster’s claims in 2009 in a letter by Professor Angina Parekh. The letter said it had asked colleagues in the department of psychology to provide their opinion, and it had found Webster’s claims to have no foundation.

Webster found this response unacceptable, wanting to know why UJ had allowed colleagues to investigate Knight.


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