Sunday, May 12, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on Mothers Day, May 12, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for May 12, 2013. Tracy Smith does the cover story on "Just the Two of Us." More people are opting out of being parents. Children to have, and to have not. Second, Rita Braver interviews Tom Hanks who is doing "Lucky Guy" on Broadway. Hanks has a matinee at 3pm. Lee Cowan interviews a Dixie Chick. Natalie Maines. Fourth, Lesley Stahl interviews Sidney Poitier. At age 86, he has finished his first novel. Jan Crawford on the return of the midwife. Faith, Steve.
Headlines: IRS apologizes for targeting Tea Party groups. NASA talks about ammonia leak at space station. Pope Francis presided over canonization of 800. Prince Harry at Warrior Games in Colorado Springs. Ice Tsumani in Minnesota. Weather. Perfect weather for Mothers Day.

"Just the Two of Us." Tracy Smith (herself the mother of twins ). Clip begins with 19 year old Ginger Duggar. Jimbob Duggar. 19 Kids and Counting. Jonathan V. Last, Weekly Standard, it's 1.1 million dollars to have a child. In 1970's 1 in 10 childless. Not in 1 in 20. Club: No Kidding. Jerry is the founder. Jessica Valenti: book, Why have kids? The childless by choice are labeled as selfish. But, more selfish to have a child if you are not a good parent. Life is about balancing about things you do for self vs. the world. Only 16% polled say childless are selfish. Figures show we are below 2.1 the replacement rate. US is at 1.9. We will have a whole country that looks like Florida. The goal should be to help people who want children. Children as future indentured slaves. You will never know this joy. Happier? 67% with or without kids.

Almanac. May 12, 1820. Florence Nightengale was born. She rejected marriage. Cared for soldiers in Crimean War. Balaklava, Crimea. 1985 tv movie with Jaclyn Smith in title role. The lady with the lamp. Nursing school in 1860. She died in 1910. Obama at the ANA. Today is final day of national nurses week.

Rita Braver does Q&A with Tom Hanks. 1994 Forrest Gump. Age 56 now making appearance on Broadway in Lucky Guy. Play by Nora Ephron. Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail. Hanks had unfavorable impression of tabloid journalists. Then, changed mind: about working life at tabloid journalists. TV show Bosom Buddies. Broadhurst Theater: The Petrified Forest. Dressing Room Number One. Fever we have for which there is no cure. Abner Louima story. McAlary. Courtney Vance.

Death of Jean Cooper of The Young and The Restless. Best Actress Emmy in 2008. She was 84.

David Edelstein. Fictional old friends. Jay Gatsby. Healthy American vulgarity. Prodigal waste. Hamhanded. Most grown up of juveniles. DiCaprio makes you believe that he believes you can recapture the past. StarTrek Into Darkness. Baby Looney Toons. Go back and alter the timeline, which is really cool.

Pulse. being a mother today is harder than when you were a child. 72% say yes.

Jan Crawford (UofC Law 1993) on midwives. Farm in rural Tennessee. By 1880s, birth became a medical issue. In the United Kingdom 56.6% of births by midwives (now). Ina May Gaskin. "Farm Clinic" (931). 2007 movie Knocked Up, spoofs hospital birth deliveries. Mary Wigmore does documentary on Gaskin. Gaskin started in the early 1970s, in a hippie environment. In the US, midwives are nurses with degrees. Julie Kantor of UCLA. Less is more. Too many drugs. Too many inductions. Don't criticize nature. We are made to give birth.

Lee Cowan interviews Natalie Maines. "Not ready to make nice." Wide open spaces. A sound track for a generation with a bit of twang. Country, pop, and whole lot of attitude. London, 2003 on invasion of Iraq. "we're ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas." Natalis is in southern CA and focuses on being a mom.
Her newest album is titled "Mother." Mix of Pink Floyd and Eddie Vetter. Are the Dixie Chicks over? Country music burns her ears. Lloyd and Tina Maines are her parents. By age 16, auditioned for a scholarship to Berkeley School of Music. In 1997, ACS Album of the Year. "Not ready to make nice." Taking the Long Way. End to a chapter? Now, starting a new chapter.

Steve Hartman on a mother's love. Brenda Gorman from Keller, Texas. 4 year old from the Congo, named Zia. Diagnosed with heart condition. Do you still want her? Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Zia died last weekend. I wanted to love her as long as I had her. Thankful for 33 days. Today we celebrate the simple fact that she's right.

Lesley Stahl on Legends, with Sidney Poitier. In 1958, Defiant Ones with Tony Curtis. First black man kisses white woman in a movie. Poitier would not play any character who was immoral. Dignified. Virgil Tibbs from Philadelphia. If he slaps me, I will slap him back. Written into movie contract. One of the great moments in all of film when Tibbs slapped back. Sidney born in Miami. Don't worry about your son. He will walk with kings. Sidney lived in Bahamas until age 15, when went back to Miami. Then to New York. One of waiters: what's new in the paper? Would you like me to read with you. Every night he sat there with me. I learned a lot. Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Harry Belafonte. In 1950: No Way Out. Richard Widmark. Portray men who were upright and well educated. 1967: To Sir with Love, Heat of the Night, and Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner. Uncle Tom for purity of his roles? Poitier lived by a code. Let's Do it Again. Elegance, Grace, and Earnestness did slapstick. In 1980's books. Now at age 86, novel Montero Caine. Ending line: I'm a good person.

Week ahead. Monday: David Cameron. Tuesday: Kazahstan Wed. diamond auctioned
Thursday. barbeque Memphis Friday: Watergate anniversary Sat. Armed Forces day.

Faith Salie as a mother. Old mom of a young baby. Pregnant at age 40. Reserved for the elderly and pregnant. Average age of American mother is 25. But geriatric pregnancy. Faith's mother died at an age 10 years older than Faith's current age.
Diaper blow out.

Next week. Design in Miami.

Moment of nature. Bison in Custer State Park in South Dakota. Bison moms and offspring doing just fine.

Hope that mothers enjoy the day.


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