Sunday, May 05, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on May 5, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Cinco de Mayo, 2013. Our language has many phrases related to "earth." What if ground is hollow? Mark Strassman does the cover story on sinkholes. That sinking feeling. Second, Lee Cowan on Michelle Obama. Third, Tracy Smith on Mark Harmon. Fourth, Bill Geist on meltdowns. Grilled cheese. Bill Whittaker. Mo Rocca. Joel Sartorich. Headlines. Israeli warplanes struck Damascus, Syria. Seven American soldiers killed on May 4. Second autopsy on Tamaran. Jeff Bauman in Boston. 5 women died on San Mateo Bridge. Wildfire west of Los Angeles. Orb won 139th Kentucky Derby. Weather: rain in south. Midweek rain in east.

Mark Strassman alludes to horror movies: earth suddenly opening up. The first sinkhole mentioned Winter Park. Later, the story on Jeff Bush in Florida. Fourth known sink hole fatality in Florida. John Arthur is Florida's state geologist. FL has 70,000 likely sinkholes. Natural dissolving of limestone. Karst. When karst collapses. All states other than Hawaii have karst. Mitt and Brenda Romero, 45 miles south of Baton Rouge, Bayou Corne. 145 Crawfish Stew Street. August 3 sinkhole opened up. 80% of residents left. Texas Brine collapsed a salt dome. Bruce Martin is VP for Texas Brine. Mary Lee Orr is executive director of LEAN. John Arthur says map land surfaces for sink hole risks. Mitigate the risk. Geology and engineering.

Almanac. May 5, 1965. Train robbed near Cincinnati, Ohio. The first train robbery. Later Jesse James. 1903 film: The Great Train Robbery. 1969: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Now. freight train theft. Clip of Scott Pelly. 30 billion per year in theft.

Osgood on Texas goose. Joel Sartori on photographing birds. Precision of bird migration. Warblers use stars. Cliff swallow to Argentina. Eastern bluebird. Baltimore oriole.

Lee Cowan on Michelle Obama, three days before Patriots Day (April 15). "Let's Move" on childhood obesity. Educate because "kids don't know." Book: "American Grown." A kitchen garden on the White House lawn. First Dog. This year: wheat. Apple tree. Friday night at the White House is steak night.

Sunday passage. 1888 van Gogh painting "The Bedroom." Change in colors. Blue pigment with red pigment: walls were initially purple. But red pigment was unstable, leaving only blue walls for "The Bedroom." Mention of "The Potato Eaters." Van Gogh killed himself at age 37.

Osgood on "The Avengers" of last summer. Bill Whittaker on this year's summer movies.
The Hangover III. Fast and Furious VI. Kenneth Durand file critic for LA Times.
Iron Man III. Superman: "Man of Steel." Hugh Jackman: Wolverine. "Now you see me." "two guns." "The internship." "The heat." "Monster University" "The Lone Ranger." StarTrek: Into Darkness. "Pacific Rim." Elysium. World War Z. This is the End. Sink Hole de Mayo. Francis Hall. (Erma Bombeck). Fruitvale Station. The Bling Ring. Twenty feet from Stardom on backup singers. Much Ado about Nothing. The Great Gatsby, remade for the sixth time (this time in 3D). Clip: "you can't repeat the past."
text, referring to the various sequels: but of course you can.

Bill Geist on grilled cheese sandwiches. 2013 grilled cheese invitational in Los Angeles. 6000 rabid fans. The cookoff had 150 entrants. Tim Walker started this eleven years ago. There are four categories. Standard: white bread and yellow cheese. Then missionary category. Third: kama sutra category (anything goes). Fourth: honey pot (dessert category). Eric Greenspan of The Foundry. Signature "The Champ" Includes short ribs. David DanHeiz. Comfort food. When the economy goes bad. Life is like a river. Box of chocolates. Grilled cheese sandwich.

Tracy Smith does Sunday Profile on Mark Harmon. NCIS is among most watch shows on television. Invoking the Patriot Act. NCIS is wrapping up its tenth season. All actors think it's going to last forwever. Pauley Perette: this is the best job in the world. Is Mark Harmon like Gibbs. 22 million viewers per week. I don't believe it's just me. Son of Tom Harmon. Starting quarterback at UCLA. Parents thought Mark was out of his mind. St. Elsewhere. The Deliberate Stranger on Ted Bundy. The West Wing.
Oklahoma City. Dr. Michael Wright. Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. The Sexiest Man Alive in 1986. Pam Dawber. Jan. 1996. Harmon saved person in fire. Leon: this is fun.
It's not an actor's choice. My job is to play the role.

Opinion by Conor Nighton [Conor Knighton ] on reality television. Famous people will do reality tv.
All Star Celebrity Apprentice. Dancing with the Stars. Celebrity Mole. Gary Busey. Extend their fifteen minutes even further.

Defeat for Mexico in 1847. Mo Rocca tells story. 750 American graves in Mexico. First war that was fought for greed. Amy Greenberg: A wicked war. US Grant: "ever a more wicked war." The blood stripe on Marine Uniform. Chapultepec Castle. Salvador Rueda. 6 cadets decided to die rather than surrender. Fabia Garcia-Rubia. Abraham Lincoln opposed the Mexican War. US still has Santa Anna's wooden leg. Fourth Illinois volunteers have leg. Salvador Rueda: love/hate relationship. In Mexico: war is call "American Invasion." Montezuma was ninth Axter emperor. He was killed in 1520.

Week ahead. Monday: court hearing in Boston bombing. Tuesday: election day in South Carolina for House seat. Wed. 68th anniv. of VE Day. Thur. Prince Harry in US. Friday: G7 econ. Sat. 2013 Warrior Games.

Next week. Poitier and Hanks on Broadway.

Moment of nature. Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia.

Massive Sinkhole In Louisiana Baffles Officials


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