Sunday, May 12, 2013

CBS 60 Minutes on May 12, 2013

The second story concerned an Entrepreneurship bootcamp for veterans. EBV
8 campuses, one in Syracuse.
Garrett Anderson PTSD.
22 veterans kill themselves everyday?

Final exam is presentation of business plan.
Mike Haney . So far 600 have gone through the program.
Long term access to mentor ship.
Pan Randall does leatherwork.

Third story on Bill Gates. Inventions are the key to success. Malaria: the tools are being invented now. 1100 employees at Gates Foundation. Intellectual Ventures: super thermos.
2.5 million people do not have adequate toilets. Re-invent the toilet.

Da Vinci . In 1994 gates bought da vinci's notebook for $30 million.

Gates reading bag. Website gates notes.

Laser to hit mosquito

New kind of nuclear reactor that runs on depleted u

Impatient optimist.

I don't mow the lawn.

Fanatic and relentless determination.

Gates father : I couldn't be more proud.


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