Friday, April 26, 2013

Joel Grey as a lawyer

Within the movie "Come September," Joel Grey is a lawyer-to-be and talks about the case Wilson v. Waldorf-Astoria (1937).

Nevertheless, Rock Hudson throws Joel Grey and Bobby Darin out.

The later parts of the movie turn on Rock Hudson's fear of getting sued for what happens to the girls, including Sandra Dee.

The movie was released in 1961.

How many business decisions in 2013 turn on fear of suit for patent infringement?

Other technical matters in "Come September"-->

Papillio glaucus. Bobby Darin as a med student. Darin on Lollabrigida: "There are 206 bones in the human body and I've never seen them arranged so well." On Dee: "Well-developed patellas."

Darin on Hudson: He's pushing 40. [Hudson was born in 1925]

Darin gets to sing "Multiplication."


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