Sunday, April 21, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on April 21, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 21. Coming off a terrible and unforgettable week. Martha Teichner on the lessons to be learned. The "big data" era. All of that came into play. Looking back on the past week's extraordinary events. Second, feelings of regret. Nevermore. Lee Cowan on "without a chance to say good-bye." Unspoken words. Third, Tracy Smith with Alan Alda. Seth Doane on flower power. Complex biology. Sheryl Atkinson. Steve Hartman. Dean Reynolds in Chicago. News: Investigation in Boston goes on. Obama meets. Memorial services. Neil Diamond. Residents return to home in West Texas. Death toll at 14. Earthquake in Sw China. World bank on global poverty. Waters of Miss. R., etc. soon to crest. The London Marathon is being run today. Week ahead: April showers and summer like heat in midwest.

John Miller and Jim Axelrod report on Boston. Eerie videos from security cameras. Gripping 28 hour manhunt. Next chapter opens: why did young men who grew up and studies here resort to such violence. The families deserve answers.
Robert McFadden formerly of NCIS. USS Cole. #1 priority: were there accomplices? Deval Patrick: we have a million questions. Where did this trail of bloodshed begin. Axelrod interviews Larry Aronson. Julian Pollard. Both brothers were Muslims. Tamerlan endorsed several Jihad videos.

Jackie Hopper interviewed by Lee Cowan. Natasha Richardson. "The things you would have said." Letters from mothers who regretted fighting with their daughters. Child bidding farewell to pet goldfish. Things never said out loud. Having that final conversation. Physcially getting it out to someone else. Professor Neil Rose of Northwestern University. Things that are left undone tend to more powerful and more everlasting. Imagination to fill in the blanks. Earnest Wasman. Kristallnacht survivor. "Angels who put themselves in danger." Take the opporuntity to tell someone they impacted you. Debbie Dodds to Mrs. Musselman, her 10th grade teacher. Mrs. Musselman had died. Debbie Dodds is now a teacher. Time has an uncomfortable way of sneaking up on all of us. We are never really sure of "how much" time we have. Everybody has a "what if."

Dean Reynolds on "high life" in Chicago. Jeffrey Rogers 17th floor penthouse overlooking Lake Michigan. 5200 square feet in 1926 building. 14,250 sq feet: 89 floor in Trump Int. Hotel and Tower. Prop taxes 320,000 per year. 7 bedroom 8 bathroom. Most potential buyers are cash buyers.

Steve Hartman in Cookson, Oklahoma. Ed Gray served in WWII. Ed could not read. Covered it up for 80 years. Wife died in 2009. Northeastern State University: Toby Thompson. In Feb. 2013, Ed Gray read a book about George Washington. Get in there and learn.

Chip Reid interviews uncle Ruzlan Sarni, who lives in Maryland. Phone call with Tamerlan in 2009. Uncle said radical Islamists in Cambridge turned nephews.

Sheryl Atkinson on follow the money. Mark Sokolow survived 9/11 and went to Israel. Suicide bomber in Jerusalem four months later. Jamie Sokolow was 12 at the time. Second Entifada. Eugene and Lorraine Goldstein to Israel in June 2003. Landmark lawsuits filed in New York federal court: suing foreign banks moving cash to aid terrorists. Hezbollah and Hamas. Payment to Idris for loss of wage earner. Arab Bank. Routine banking activities. Juan Cirotti worked under George W. Bush.

Seth Doane on flower power. Clinton Community Garden in Manhattan, blocks from Times Square. Daniel Chamovitz. A plant is stuck where it is. New York Botanical Garden. Book "What a plant knows." Louis Schwarzburg. Amy Litt, director of plant genomics, at New York Botanical Garden. Detect ethylene. Neptunia plant: touch sensitive. No credible data on plants responding to sound.

Tracy Smith does Sunday Profile on Alan Alda. Alda at 77 is teaching scientists on "how to relate" to the rest of us. If scientists can't relate, Congress won't give money. Alda went to Stony Brook and offerred to teach course. Uses improv. You're not pretending to talk, you are talking. Crimes and Misdemeanors. Oscar nomination for "The Aviator." Born Alphonso D'Bruzzo in New York City. Quotes Newhart: if you come within a couple of books. Scientific American Frontiers. Was on a mountaintop in Chile; strangled intestine. Dr. said in clearest possible way: there is a problem with your intestine. This is rewarding as well.

Martha Teichner does Sunday Journal. "It ended with applause and a tweet." Terrorism and technology. Shelter-in-place. Bill Bratton interviewed. The big data era came into play. See the impact of the internet and social media. 300,000 people per minute went to FBI website. John Herman of Max Booth of Council for Foreign Relations in New York. If only we could turn back time a week.

Sunday Passage. four young strangers died in Boston. Martin Richardson. Crystal Campbell.

Week ahead. Monday: Boston radio at 2:50pm. Tuesday: Shirley Temple is 85. Wed.: Bette Midler play. Thurs. Bush in Dallas. Friday: New Orleans Jazz. Sat. White House correspondents dinner.

Next week: fast forward into the future.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Concord, MASS. Mallard ducks on Walden Pond.


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