Sunday, April 28, 2013

"60 Minutes" on April 28, 2013

First story is with convicted serial killer Charles Cullen (angel of death), by Steve Kroft. Second with female jockey.

Charles Cullen had never spoken publicly about the crimes until the "60 Minutes" interview. Seven years ago the sentencing hearing was in Somerset County Court House in Somerville, NJ. Cullen is now in prison in Trenton, NJ. Victims ranged in age from 21 to 92. First victim was in St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston. Judge John Yengow was the victim, who was suffering from sunburn. Charles Graeber book "The Good Nurse." St. Lukes, Hunterdon were later stops. 91 year old Helen Dean. Digoxin. {"dig"). Complete heart block. Pyxis Medical System. Eleanor Stecker was 60 old. Michael Strenko. Cullen of Michael's death: "I felt overwhelmed at the time." Cullen grew up in West Orange, NJ. Cullen sees himself as a victim. St.Lukes in Bethlehem, PA hired Cullen after Cullen had killed 11 people. St. Barnabas allowed Cullen to resign and gave him two references.

Somerset Medical Center (Somerville, NJ) hired Cullen in Sept. 2002. Cullen killed 13 people in the next 13 months.
Floria Gaul was a priest. Hospital found high levels of Digoxin. Stephen Marcus. Dr. William Cors was director of Somerset Medical Center. Marcus: we have a legal obligation to report this. Somerset did report this three months later. Tim Braun and Allen Baldwin were detectives in Somerset County. Amy Ridgeway, nurse. Picture of the restaurant "The Office" in Somerville. Cullen: "I want to go down fighting." Amy: I wasn't honest with him. Told Cullen the investigators were looking at Amy. Formal admission took 7 hours. Graeber suggests the possibility of multiple hundreds of victims.

Bob Simon on Rosie Nprovnick, who was born in New Jersey. Rosie is five foot two and weighs around 110 pounds. Rosie has run more than 1500 races. This year, Rosie has finished first, second, or third in 60% of her races. Won Kentucky Oaks last year. Horse: Believe You Can. Rose has had five major spills. "It's a passion." Todd Fletcher. Shanghai Bobby. Barbara Jo Reuben. Sweet Sensation, pony. Rosie's mother, Cindy. Farrier. Pony, Sugar. Smooching noise.
If you dwell on every loss, you are going to do a lot of dwelling. This game is very up and down. Will be riding My Loot.


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