Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NATHAN P. MYHRVOLD wins at the Board

In the case

Ex parte BRAN FERREN, MURIEL Y. ISHIKAWA, EDWARD K.Y. JUNG, NATHAN P. MYHRVOLD, and LOWELL L. WOOD JR., presumably related to Intellectual Ventures, the Board reversed the rejections of the examiner.

The application in question is 12/005,709 and a representative claim is

A method of producing a patterned distribution of a material within a skin region, comprising:
delivering a photoresponsive material to a skin region of a subject in a first pattern; and
delivering targeted light to the skin region in a second pattern, said second pattern overlapping partially with said first pattern, wherein photoresponsive material in the areas of overlap between said first pattern and said second pattern undergoes photomodification to form an overlap pattern of modified photoresponsive material within said skin region.

The paper communication of the action was directed to Clarence Tegreene of The Invention Science Fund.

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