Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From Clean Technica on biofuels

From within a post Another Day, Another Attack On Navy Biofuel
by Tina Casey on 19 March 2013:

Today’s biofuel vote won’t been the first time that certain members of Congress have attacked the Navy’s ambitious biofuel programs. The main line of attack is that biofuel is currently more expensive than petroleum, so it’s a waste of money.

The Obama Administration began addressing that issue systematically in 2011, launching a biofuel initiative that teamed the Departments of Energy, Agriculture and Navy to help jumpstart the advanced biofuel industry into commercial production.

Given new developments in biorefining technology and a greater scale of production, biofuels have a better shot to achieve price parity with conventional petroleum fuel. When that happens, it will demolish the case against the Navy’s biofuel program

An example given is Chemtex in North Carolina: The idea is to transition them over to biofuel grasses that have a higher energy content, like miscanthus.


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