Sunday, March 17, 2013

CBS "Sunday Morning" for March 17, 2013

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for March 17, 2013. First story, "a friend indeed," the cover story by Rita Braver. Second, a piece on The Bible tv series. Third, Going in Style, with Seth Doane, on funeral celebrations. Fourth, the Pluck of Irish, on Glen Hansard of "Falling Slowly." Barry Peterson, Steve Hartman; butterflies. Headlines: first real chance to meet the new Pope, with Allan Pizzi. Nation's conservatives meeting in Maryland. Rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio. In India, news of rape of tourist. Marysville, CA. Bus crash off PA turnpike. Selection Sunday for college basketball. Weather. Cold. Expect lots of cool rain in the days ahead.

A friend indeed is something all of us need. Rita Braver introduces us to "The Girls" of Dale, Wisconsin. Dorrie Krieger is one of the girls. Dennis Proffit at the University of Virginia does experiments with a heavy backpack. The hill is reported to be steeper when the subject is alone, than with friends. James Cowano also of the University of Virginia gave Rita Braver an MRI. anticipatory anxiety. In one experiment, Braver held the hand of producer Kay Lin. Dealing with stresses alone vs. with friend. 90% of Americans say it is important to have close friends. 2004 film: Mean Girls. Irene Levene: Best Friends Forever. 84% of Americans say men and women can be friends without a sexual relationship. Scott Prentiss is one of a circle of friends in Dallas. Share deeply with each other. One quote: "without these guys, I wouldn't be married." The piece returned to "The Girls," two of whom developed cancer. Those who have friends they can count on, know how lucky they are. Index: 77% of Amerians keep in touch with childhood friends.

Almanac. March 17, 460. The death of St. Patrick. 1762: New York City first celebrated St. Patrick. Enterprise, Alabama: smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade. 34.5 million Americans trace ancestry to Ireland. Pulse: 50% of Americans will wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

"Leaving their Mark" on cattle branding, done by Barry Peterson. The four sixes; the running W of King Ranch. Lazy J; circle L.
The King Ranch established in 1840. John Wayne in Red River planned his brand before he had cattle. The flying S brand. Two seagulls flying. Now: ear tags. Store information on history and care. Quality control. Now push for ear tags would render branding irrelevant. Larry Gray. Texas Rangers recover rustled cattle using brands. Why the brand? So somebody will know we were here. The flying s brand will live on in perpetuity.

Anthony Mason interviews Glen Hansard, who started his career singing on Dublin street corners. Rebel Rebel. Low budget film "Once" in 2007. Falling Slowly won an Oscar. Last year, the musical won 8 Tony awards. Glen lives in a rented cottage outside of Dublin. Frankie Byrne, old high school principal, told Glen it was ok to quit school. Grafton Street. "Bird of Sorrow" was about Hansard's mother. You're never more than a step away [from singing on the street.] Busking.

Cedric Givens of Washington, DC interviewed by Steve Hartman. Recycled from CBS Evening News.

Seth Doane on funeral celebrations. Starts with one in a gymnasium in the Bronx. Frederick Addison on the style of Ghana. This funeral in the Bronx cost $25,000. Reflect on the good life of the deceased and celebrate. Biggest funeral party possible. A way of honoring the deceased. Call to glory. Kane Kwei. Casket makers. Caskets as a fish (tilapia) and coco pod. A crab. a chicken. It is the party of a lifetime.

Monarch butterfly numbers are down. 2.94 acres in 2013 down from 7.14 acres in 2012 down from 22 acres of the 1990s. Clip of Lincoln Broward interviewed by Seth Doane.

Roma Downey of Touched by an Angel is co-producer of History Channel series "The Bible." Decided over a cup of tea. Mark Burnett.
Bring the Bible to the small screen. History channel mini-series. An introduction to the Bible. Water cooler conversation. You should know these stories. Downey plays Mary in The Bible.

Milepost. Gideon v. Wainwright. Panama City, Fl. June 1961. Robert McCrary. Gideon requested a lawyer. Clarence Earl Gideon sent letter to Supreme Court in January 1962. Abe Fortas handled Gideon's appeal. Gideon was acquitted in a re-trial. Gideon died in 1972 at age of 61. The case: 372 U.S. 335 (1963). The final decision was announced on March 18, 1963; the opinion of the Court was delivered by Justice Hugo Black. The three concurring opinions were written by Justices Clark, Douglas and Harlan.

Week ahead. Monday: Sandy Hook advisory commission. Tuesday: Pope Francis. Wed.: Obama in Israel Thur. Amy Winehouse. Fri:
50th anniversary of Beatles first album.

Cowan announces that Steubenville guilty.

Timothy Noah: author of the Great Divergence. The rungs on the ladder of opportunity. Horatio Alger. James Trudlow Adams.
Today: less mobility than in 1970s. American men were more likely to inherit economic status than height, weight. Care about opportunity. See also Minding the Gap
‘The Great Divergence,’ by Timothy Noah

Next week: the money issue.

Moment of Nature sponsored by Volunteers of America . Antelope Island State Park in Great Salt Lake. Porcupines feasting on hawthorne berries. Some porcupines literally in the tree. Odd sounds.

Cowan: have a good rest of your weekend.


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