Sunday, March 31, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning for Easter, March 31, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday Morning on Easter, March 31, 2013. The cover story is by Martha Teichner on the story of Mary. Enigmatic Mary. Second, Anthony Mason interviews Barry Gordie. Motown on Broadway. Third, Mo Rocca on Debbie Reynolds. Tammy's in love. Fourth, Serena Alschul on maple syrup. Michelle Miller. Seth Doane. Steve Hartman. Headlines for March 31. Pope Francis celebrates his first Easter. North Korea says peninsula is in state of war. Mandela hospitalized. Eiffel Tower closed because of bomb threat. Coughlin County, Texas. McClellan. Wichita State moves on to final four. Syracuse beat Marquette. Weather: Rain in northeast.

"Portrait of Mary." Mary's role is humanizing. Father Neil Connelly in New York City. 20% (4000) places of worship in the US are named for Mary. Nazareth had a population of 400 in the first century. Professor Deirdre Good. Prof. Craig Evans of Acadia University in Nova Scotia. Gospel of Mark. John takes Mary to Ephesus. Prof. Robin Jensen at Vanderbilt University. Mary. Council of Ephesus in the year 431. Actress Fiona Shaw plays Mary. Colin Tobin. Mary appears in the Koran.

Almanac. March 31, 1791. Cape Henry (Virginia) Lighthouse contract signed by Alexander Hamilton, the first lighthouse of the federal government. $17,700. The Statue of Liberty was listed as a lighthouse from 1886 to 1902. Relocations of lighthouses. Block Island in 1993. Cape Hatteras in 1999. Charles Kuralt story in 1987 about lighthouse keepers. Fog detector. Every lighthouse is automated since 1998, except for Boston lighthouse.

"Something Sweet." Sap from sugar maples is beginning to flow. Months of Feb., March, April. Sucerie de Montagne. 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. Sap runs only 25 days each year. Sap ten times more valuable than crude oil. OPEC of maple syrup.

Anthony Mason with Barry Gordie. Make the music; make the money; get some girls. In 1959, Barry borrowed $800. Signed the Miracles. "Shop Around" in 1960. Hitsville. Stevie Wonder was 11 when he signed in 1961. "Quality Control" on what records to release. Marvin Gaye butted heads with the chairman. "What's going on?" Michael Jackson and family signed in 1969. Old man in a kid's body. Madly in love with Diana Ross. Barry sold Motown in 1988. Music that changed America.

Richard Blanco by Seth Doane. Bethel, Maine. "One Today." Recited to a snowman. Kelly Clarkson sang before Blanco took the stage. Fifth poet ever to speak at an inauguration. Robert Frost in 1961. He had six weeks to come up with the poem. Mark Navoo is a molecular biologist and took a job in Bethel, Maine. Richard Blanco has Cuban roots. Blanco grew up in Miami. Sergio's Cuban Diner in Miami.

Edelstein on Olympus Has Fallen. DW Griffith "Birth of a Nation" in 1915. 1974: Death Wish. Loan Hunter. 1988: Die Hard. Gerard Butler. Win manhood back. 48% of gun owners own gun for protection, reverse of 1999. Edelstein: We are obsessed with being attacked.

Steve Hartman on Eli Nevant. George Sparks. Eli was called in for an interview. Passion for prehistoric life. Curator for a day. The past is your future.

Mo Rocca does Sunday Profile on Debbie Reynolds. The Catered Affair. The Unsinkable Molly Brown. At age 19, cast for Singin' in the Rain. Won Miss Burbank in 1948. Contract at $65/week. Liz Taylor called Debbie "a Girl Scout." Reynolds met Eddie Fisher. Married at Grossingers in 1955.

Michelle Miller on a church in northeast Washington, DC. Peter Chin, Pastor. Peace Fellowship. Chin is a Yale graduate. Chin is from Chicago. In 1992 LA riots, 2200 Korean stores were looted. Movie: "Menace to Society."

Phil Ramone died in New York on March 30, 2013.

week ahead. Monday: April Fools Tuesday: Mark Sanford faces primary. Wednesday: 40th anniversary of first call from cell phone. Thursday. Jose Padilla. Friday: Penn and Teller get star. Sat. Final Four in NCAA.

Today: opening day for Major League Baseball. Tom Oliphant, husband of Susan Spencer. City Field in New York. Passover, Easter, and Opening Day. John Sexton, president of NYU: baseball as a road to God. St. Louis Cardinals come back twice. Miles no. 12.

Next week on Sunday Morning: Carol Burnett.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva. Field of bluebonnets in Mason County, Texas.


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