Sunday, March 03, 2013

"Sunday Morning" on March 3, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, March 3, 2013. We live in a world that values authenticity. Lee Cowan does the cover story on Ken Perenyi. Painter or pariah? Second, Rita Braver on Holland Taylor on Anne Richards. Third, What to Expect by Tracy Smith on Heidi Merkoff. Fourth, Aaron Neville interviewed by Anthony Mason. Mo Rocca on innovative math museum. Steve Hartman. Van Cliburn. Headlines: Sink hole, Jeff Bush. Earthquake in Yunan Province. Terrorist killed. Death on way to hospital. Michelle Johnson to head air force acadamy. Iditarod. Weather: snow in northeast.

Lee Cowan on Ken Perenyi. Ken would present his painting without stating what it was. James Buttersworth. John F. Herring. Martin Johnson Heed. How well can you make something really old? Why come clean now? He almost got caught; Sotheby's saw them pass through their houses. Perenyi lied to FBI agents and others in the art world. Brenda Simonson Moley, a Dallas art dealer, thinks Perenyi's a thief on the run. Like bumping into an old friend. Painter or con artist?

Almanac. March 3, 1925, Congress approved Borglum's plan for Mt. Rushmore. 2 million visitors every year. Cary Grant in North by Northwest. National Treasure Book of Secrets, Calvin Coolidge. Lakota Tribe. Chief Henry Standing Bear. Chief Crazy Horse.

Mo Rocca on a math museum. Clip of John Kennedy; space race. Mathaneum. MoMath opened in New York City in December 2012. Cindy Lawrence is co-founded. Bike with square wheels. Pentagonal sinks that go to triangular base. Gogol: "one followed by one hundred zeros."

Holland Taylor now on Broadway in Ann, interviewed by Rita Braver. Liz Smith introduced Taylor to Anne Richards. Judge in "The Practice." Taylor feels like a vessel..

Tracy Smith on first time mother Emma Bing, daughter of Heidi Merkoff. What to Expect When You are Expecting. 93% have read the book, of those who have read any book on pregnancy. Right amount of info vs. too much information?

Aaron Neville and Sara Friedman.

Bonnie Franklin died. On Broadway in Applause. Van Cliburn died. Won Russian award in 1958. First Piano Concerto. Retired from touring in 1978.

Mark Phillips Sunday Journal on bells of St. Peters. Francis George of Chicago. Marco Polizzi follows the Vatican. Major Garrett in Washington on 85 Billion in cuts of Sequester.

Week ahead. Monday: college of cardinals. Tuesday: Andy Warhol. Wednesday: billioaires. Thursday: anniversary of King Kong. Saturday: gridiron.

Linda Mason retiring from CBS News.

Opinion by Ben Stein. Friday, March 1, 2013 people of US attacked by rigidity of American politicians. Government went off the rails. Going into twilight zone of sequester never never land. Unrealistic approaches. Dirty gritty business of compromise. Government acting like rival gangs on a playground. Compromise. Get it done.

Next week. Rita Moreno.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva. Niagara Falls in winter.


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