Sunday, March 24, 2013

60 Minutes on March 24, 2013

The first story on the Russian band Pussy Riot was done by Lesley Stahl. What law did they break.
Hooliganism motivated by religious hate. Verdict: two years in prison. Gary Kasparov was arrested for protesting.
Nadia and Maria are in harsh conditions. The band still exists. Putin is back in power.

The second story was on Brian Banks accused by Juanita Gibson, who later changed her story. Daniel Ferrera explained the recantations of the witness. Two days after exoneration a phone call from Pete Carroll: I'm looking for a linebacker. Seattle was one of six NFL teams that gave Banks a tryout. The Las Vegas Locos gave Banks a job, but the league folded. The last line of the story was by Banks: I've already won.

The third story was on Africa's Nile crocodile. Now some video from Botswana, and the Okawana delta. A pair of photographers video'd the crocs under water. Brad and Andie. Hundreds of people are killed every year. Dr Neil Britain teamed with photogs. Also collecting DNA of the crocs. Britain actually takes DNA from tail samples. The diving takes place only in the winter. Brad's grandfather killed over 30,000 crocs.


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