Sunday, March 17, 2013

"60 Minutes" on March 17, 2013

The first story related to American nuns and the new Pope.

Second, Jack Dorsey of Twitter. Now, the company Square.

Third, a Philadelphia hit man who took scouts camping.

The Leadership Conference on Women in Religion. Conservative social values? Undermining the church, and not promoting church values.
Sister Pat [Carroll] spent two decades in El Salvador. Sisters Academy in Baltimore. Radical feminist themes that are incompatible with the Catholic faith [?] "Our first obedience is to God." Archbishop of Seattle is interviewed by Bob Simon. Jennie Park does a soup kitchen in Brooklyn. My role is not to judge. "Nuns on the bus." Yvonne Campbell.

Lara Logan reports on Jack Dorsey, who created Twitter 7 years ago. Proud of how quickly people came to Twitter. Jim McKelvey. A way to accept credit cards on a phone. Dorsey was fascinated by trains and maps. Jack went to New York at age 19. Jack: you can focus on what's ahead of you and drive fast. Lands End and Golden Gate Bridge. It's so intuitive; it just works.

John Veasey, hit man, became a government witness. Worked for the Santos mob. Reporter George Anastasia of the Philly Inquirer.

from the interview:

In the early '90s, the Philadelphia mob was at war. Blood and body bags routine. On one side was a group of older, Sicilian-born wise guys led by John Stanfa. On the other: younger American mobsters headed by Joey Merlino. For 30 years, George Anastasia covered the mob for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He says a young, streetwise thug like Veasey was the kind of muscle John Stanfa needed.


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