Sunday, February 03, 2013

"Face the Nation" does football on February 3, 2013

"Face the Nation" was in New Orleans on February 3, 2013.

Bob to Goodell: do you acknowledge that there is a link on concussions? Goodell: this morning, work with General Electric.

Goodell: let the medical officials make the decision.

Jim Nantz makes commentary. I applaud what Roger is doing. I really believe he is trying to look out for individuals. There are thousands of people with lawsuits.

Bob: league hit dangers? Did you?

Goodell: No.

Phil Simms: I would not hesitate to have my children play football. Contact will be limited. Their health will be so much better.

Bob to Shannon: Commissioner has done a great job to raise awareness. Safest helmut possible. Example of Alex Smith. Issue of losing job. Commissioner has 60% disapproval rating. Change is always met with resistance. Shannon gives example of civil rights.

Nantz; Alzheimer's Center in Houston. Example of woman's soccer. Dr. Brian Heartlein. Concussions not isolated to NFL.

Bob: 4 out of 5 players don't trust team doctors.

Goodell: We are giving them best possible medical care.

Bob: you were not popular around here after fining all the Saints people.

Bob, about the game: Phil won't pick a favorite.

Jim Nantz: two brothers facing one another.

Shannon: I had a brother (Sterling, Green Bay Packers) in the NFL. We played each other twice. Shannon gave his brother his first Super Bowl ring.

Comic line by Bob: "Hey everybody Dan Rather's here."

At 10:52am, bells in the background.

Bob: The Big Easy is back. The number of restaurants has doubled. Plug for Galatoire's. Also: Bill Geist found vegan Poor Boy.
I'm Bob Schieffer and I approve New Orleans.


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