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CBS Sunday Morning on February 3, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for February 3, 2013. Superbowl Sunday Morning. What are the odds of subscribing to win some, lose some? Susan Spencer does cover story on "how important" winning is. Second, Tim McGraw, a big winner, interviewed by Tracy Smith. Hits, with Tim McGraw. Third, Robert DeNiro interviewed by Lee Cowan. First Oscar nomination in 20 years. Fourth, Bill Geist on a hot spot in New Orleans. Tabasco. Some like it hot. Fifth, Wynton Marsalis on gumbo. Charles Fazino, artist. Headlines: Charter bus hit overpass in MASS. Standoff in Alabama. Missing woman in Turkey found dead in Istanbul. Chris Kyle killed in gun range in Texas. Ben Affleck's Argo won award for director. Death of Bush's Barney. Weather. Cold and snowy in northeast. Scattered showers around country in week ahead.

The expression win some, loss some won't be consolation to losing team in Super Bowl. The number 12 in Buffalo has been retired by the Buffalo Bills. Kelly wore it for 11 years. Kelly led team to four straight Super Bowls. The Bills lost all four Super Bowls. Kelly has not watched game film of the Super Bowls since. Spencer talks to Ian Robertson of Dublin on winning. Book: "The Winner Effect." Dopamine hits reward network in brain. Nobel Prize winners outlive nominees by two years. Academy Award winners live four years longer than other actors. Duke University Scott Hutell. Classic study of athletes in the Olympics. Silver medalists staring out into distance: I just missed it. Second best is miserable. William Weiner, sports psychologist. Have to set goals that are in their control. Run 40 miles a week. The problem is luck. Very minor factors can separate winners from the losers. Kelly: there will always be a major emphasis on winning. Kelly said he prefers to have gone to the Super Bowl four times, even though losing all four, in preference to having simply won one Super Bowl.

Pulse: Which is preferable? Response: playing well 86% vs. winning 11%

Almanac. Feb. 3, 1894, Norman Rockwell born. Iconic paintings of "Four Freedoms" raised 130 million. Arlington, Vermont, then Stockbridge, MA. "Person to person" visit to Rockwell's home. Neighbors in Stockbridge. Moved to Look Magazine in 1963. Ruby Bridges in New Orleans. Ruby is the little girl in the painting titled “The Problem We All Live With” is walking to school in a white dress, white socks and white shoes. Her hair is parted in neat plaits and she is carrying a book and a ruler. Died in 1978 at age 84. Museum in Stockbridge. "Do unto others." [Not on Sunday Morning was the fact that Rockwell got his first major opportunity at Boys Life. Rockwell lived in New Rochelle and moved to Arlington in 1939.]

Charles Fazzino, Super Bowl artist in residence, done by Serena Alschul. Leo Kane set up deal with Fazzino. Super Bowl 35 in Tampa. "This is what I remember." Designs posters. Special commerative helmets. Fazzino is "go to" artists for many sporting events. Born and raised in New York. Red Broome. Doodles as a child. Pop out books. It's the small details which matters. It's about the game and it's about "where are we." Pictures have three layers. Next year, Super Bowl New York is extra special to Fazzino.

Patty Andrews died on Wednesday at age 94. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Hollywood Canteen in 1944. Road to Rio. Ed Koch died on Friday at age 88. Won first term as mayor in 1977. Rita Braver talked to Ed Koch last year. We're not punching bags. Sought fourth term in 1989, but was not re-elected. People threw me out, and people must be punished. Died on day documentary (by Ed Bartsky) about Koch opened in New York.

"I like it; I love it." Tim McGraw talks with Tracy Smith, "For the Record." McGraw lives outside of Nashville, TN. He has had 23 Billboard number ones. Faith Hill is McGraw's wife. McGraw calls himself an "underdog." Feel like "in a corner." Born in 1967. Raised as Timmy Smith. At age 11, Tim found his birth certificate. His mother Betty reached out to Tug McGraw. [wikipedia: For seven years, Tug denied being Tim's father. ] "Flipped a switch." Tim went to Nashville in 1989. First album was a flop. "Indian Outlaw." Rock n roll music with country vocal. Clip of song by Eagles. In 1996, opening act was Faith Hill. On 10th anniversay, gift of red Jeep. 2006: soul to soul tour. "three day rule." Tug and Tim developed a friendship. "Live like you were dying." Movie: Country Strong. Blind Side (about Michael Oher, playing in Super Bowl). McGraw quit drinking five years ago. McGraw is set to release a new album.

Story of a canoe trip from Canada to New Orleans, On the Road with Steve Hartman. Medicine Hat, Alberta. Dominque Liboiron's Journey to New Orleans. Uncle Mitch loved New Orleans. Mardi Gras Mambo. Real greatness is the greatness you inspire in others. See also AND

Bill Geist on tabasco sauce, cajun ketchup. Scott Craig at Katy's Restaurant. Ronnie Colt, musician, is tabasco user. Made on Avery Island. McIlhenny. Started in 1868. Paul is fourth generation. Make 750,000 bottles per day. Soldier's MREs. Contains only three ingredients: peppers, salt and vinegar. Dave Landry, tour guide. 72 2,000 gallon vats. Lesley Hall does final testing. She tastes tests every day. It's like a fine wine.

Pulse. How often do you use hot sauce? Always 18% Sometimes 34%

Lee Cowan with Robert De Niro. When people describe you as a legend, how does that sit with you. De Niro: I was lucky. Then, I was lucky I have the drive to do the work. "Silver Linings Playbook." De Niro plays an Eagles Fan in the movie. Got an Oscar nomination. In 1981, De Niro took home Oscar for role in "Raging Bull." He had to gain 60 pounds for the role. First 15 pounds; the rest pure drudgery. Earlier, Taxi Driver. He got a taxi license. "You talkin' to me?" Vito Corleone in Godfather II. Sicilian dialect. In 1943, born in Greenwich Village, New York. Dozens of paintings are on walls of De Niro's restaurants in New York. De Niro working on documentary about his father. Did the Cowardly Lion at age 10. Wiseguy in Good Fellas. Part of me is shy. "Analyze This." Fockers. You can't please everybody all the time. Tribecca Film Festival. Grace Hightower. Wants to do two more films with Scorsese, which would make ten in all.

Conor Knighton, commentary on Super Bowl parties. Connor: I stopped following football in 8th Grade. Watching James Bond movies, or Breaking Bad. Can't get into watching football. "Wish me luck." [Wikipedia: Knighton was the first person to appear on Current TV when it launched on August 1, 2005 ]

Wynton Marsalis on gumbo. Shotgun homes. Manicured mansions. Jambalaya. Signature dish is gumbo. Approachable but unpredictable. Complex, mysterious dish. Dates back more than 300 years. Kingombo. File powder from sassafras.
Roux. Chef: Poppy Tooker. Starts with making a roux. Onions, celery, and green peppers. Then okra. Gumbo crabs. Poignant and soulful. "Have mercy, Poppy." See also

Monday: Rosa Parks Tuesday: Picasso painting Wed.: monopoly game token Thursday: earthquake prep. Friday: Rio carnival Sat. Celine Dion in China.

Osgood on Super Bowl 47. James Brown. Dan, Coach, Shannon, and Boomer. 92 guys will dress for this game. Longest day of longest week. Two teams are so similar. Flacco: drop back passer. What style prevails? Plugs for CBS coverage.

Bob Schieffer is in New Orleans.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Anthony Mason with John Mayer.

Moment of Nature. Volunteers of America. On the bayou in Lafayette, Louisiana. Roseate spoonbill. Muskrats.


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