Sunday, February 17, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning for February 17, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, February 17, 2013. When a meteor fell out of the blue, people all over the world took notice. Rita Braver does the cover story, "Out of the Blue," on searching for space rocks. Second, the borscht belt by Richard Schlesinger. Old Jews Telling Jokes. Jake, I have to, but you? Beyond the Catskills. Third, Mark Strassman on the SS United States. Fourth, Lee Cowan on Wayne Brady. Fifth, Kelly Cobyea on murder charges. Steve Hartman. Mo Rocca. Headlines: Russian officials on damages from meteor impact. South African tv aired reality show starring shooting victim. Bomb in Pakistan. USAToday on White House immigration bill. 3500 couples get married in South Korea. Weather: cold and windy from Great Lakes to New England.

Osgood illustrated an actual meteorite to open the story by Rita Braver. The Russian meteor from Friday, February 15, 2013. Braver brings up 65 million year old event that did in the dinosaurs (6 mile wide). The Smithsonian has a collection overseen by Linda Wellsenbach. Most of the meteorites come from asteroid belt. A meteor is coming down, and when it hits earth it's a meteorite. The "Antarctic Search for Meteorites" program. Ralph Harvey of Cleveland Case Western has been leading 37 year old program since 1991. The meteorites in the Antarctic are well preserved. The "catch" goes to Johnson Space Center, Building 31. Elephant Marine from Mars. Once water on Mars. Since 1976, cost has been 25 million. Poor person's space mission. 20,000 meteorites have been recovered. Kerry Corrigan is at Smithsonian. 4 billion years of history. Russian meteor is estimated at 50 feet in diameter. [Braver's piece was a bit outdated, as NASA changed its estimate: But late Friday, NASA revised its estimates on the size and power of the devastating meteor explosion. The meteor's size is now thought to be slightly larger — about 55 feet (17 m) wide — with the power of the blast estimate of about 500 kilotons, 30 kilotons higher than before, ]

Almanac. Feb. 17, 1972. 15,000,734 VW rolled off assembly line, surpassing Model T production record. In 1949, only two beetles sold in the US. 1973 Movie Sleeper. Harvey the Love Bug. Last Beetle built in Mexico. Now Beetle is 4th in production. Model T still finished number 8 in all time production. Toyota Corolla is number 1.

"The Building of a Ship" by Longfellow introduces story on SS United States, now located in Philadelphia. Susan Gibbs is director of SS United States Conservancy. William Gibbs was her grandfather. Harvard dropout. "A Man and His Ship." In WWII, 3/4 of ships designed by Gibbs' firm. 2000 passengers or 14,000 troops. Design was classified. July 1952 first Atlantic crossing. Return time set current record. 44 mph. "The Big U." In 1958, Ros McPherson: the ship was colorblind. Treated like regular human beings. In 1969, SS United States was mothballed; 1984 fittings auctioned off. Producer Charles Howland is a collector of SS United States memorabilia. Convert into museum/hotel. 150 million to 300 million dollars.

Kelly Cobyea on Oscar Pistorius. Clip of speech by Oscar's uncle. A darker side? 26 year old arrested on Valentine's Day in Praetoria. South Africa has high crime rate. 6 million of 50 million own goods. Mike Kendrick interviewed. Reeva Steenkamp tweet.

Pulse. Add to Rushmore? Reagan 21%; Obame 18%.

Osgood gives quote from Grant Memoirs. Mo Rocca on Grant's final battle. The present Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility in New York was location of Grant's final days. Tim Welch runs Grant Historical Site. Summer of 1885. Grant had only $189 in his checking account. $50,000 and 70% of sales offer by Mark Twain. H.W. Brands, biographer. Grant spent five weeks at cottage at Mt. McGregor. Grant could not lay down because of throat cancer. Cocaine water used to bathe throat and tongue. Grant wrote notes, and did not speak. Grant could write 10,000 words in a day. Grant died on July 23, 1885. 8 minutes after 8. Two pallbearers were Confederate generals. Memoirs brought in $400,000. Grant memoirs were first celebrity memoirs. One of the great writers in American history.

Two months since Newtown, CT. Steve Hartman does story on Bill Sherlock. Morning of Dec. 14, 2012: big kiss. Mary Sherlock became victim. Mary heard gunfire and ran toward it. Got Masters in psychology. Last week, Bill went to warehouse where cards and gifts are being stored. Pink erasers; someone just erased her.

Stand up comedy that stands the test of time. Henny Youngman. Richard Schlesinger on The Borscht Belt. Milton Berle and George Burns. Grossingers, Kutshers, Concord. Stewie Stone. Van Harris. The Concord had four doors in back, when opened light came in. A cultural feel; a rhthym. Jerry Seinfeld. Picture of a ruin, where the Concord used to be. Mark Kutsher owns the only surviving hotel in the Catskills. Wilt Chamberlain played basketball there. Play: Old Jews Telling Jokes. Peter Geffers. Creative invention of Borscht Belt of the 1950s and 1960s. You can tell the jokes without the buildings being there. "Again with the string?"

Wayne Brady of "Let's Make a Deal," interviewed by Lee Cowan. Clover from Sophia the First. The guy who can do whatever you want him to do. He watched Dean Martin. Let's Make a Deal turned 50 years old last month. Clip of Monty Hall from 1963, Hall is now 91 years old. All I have to do is entertain and everything else falls into place. Wayne Brady is from Orlando, FL. Whose line is it, anyway? Host for Miss America in 2002. "The Wayne Brady Show." Wayne Brady The Thug. A Long Time Coming, rendition of Sam Cooke classic. Regular headliner in Vegas. Always consistently just been me.

Westminster Kennel Show . "Banana Joe," an affenpinscher, won over Matisse, the Portuguese water dog; Honor, a bichon frisé; Jewel, an American foxhound; Swagger, an Old English sheepdog who got most of the crowd’s cheers; Oakley, a German wirehaired pointer; and Adam, a smooth fox terrier.

Opinion by Luke Burbank on Manti Te'o. Burbank had an imaginary girlfriend, Tiffany. Every relationship has its pros and its cons. We are looking for a person who cares about us. When we find that person, we cling to them.

Week ahead. Monday is president's day; Tuesday, Kate Middleton makes public appearance; Wednesday, Lance Armstrong; Thursday; UN on North Korea; Friday; Kat Stone auction Iwo Jima. Saturday: Razzie Awards.

Mail to Sunday Morning: commentary on US Mail. Christian MacDonald birthday card. 524 west 57th St, Box O.

Next week on CBS Sunday Morning: Oscars.

Moment of Nature, Spiriva HandiHaler. Safety Harbor, Florida. Geckos. [IPBiz thinks some of the depicted entities might have been anoles.]


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