Sunday, January 13, 2013

'Little Red Corvette'

Tonight's The Mentalist, 'Little Red Corvette', begins with a flashback to two months ago, with a boy playing with his toy radio-frequency controlled car in a basement utility area of an Oakland warehouse .  The boy witnesses three men executing a fourth and the men find the boy.  Flash forward:  CBI team is on the scene and finds the victim (Horatio Jones, a geologist) and the toy car and VNX Energy CEO Tommy Volker is immediately suspected.  [See The Mentalist episode of November 11, 2012, 'If it Bleeds, it Leads' loosely based upon the 'massacre' of Venezuela's Yonomami indigenous peoples by Brazilian miners (see and]  Jones was working in the Amazon on a geothermal energy project and a tribe in the Amazon was massacred.  Marvin Pettigrew is identified as the missing boy.

"Who makes it their business to know everyone else's?"  Brenda and Teresa exchange favors.  The Furland case.  Murky water you are swimming in.   Lisbon demands depositions relating to Volker.  Annabelle Sigowsky is a friend of Horatio Jones from college.  Annabelle is interviewed about the possibility of a mass killing in the Amazon.  Annabelle then meets with Volker; Volker notes "you are quite the liability."

Another scene on finding the boy:  like finding a needle in a batch of needles.

Then a trip to ASAA.   Patrick watches Volker tell a story to children.  Vivid storyteller.  Splashing around in a puddle with Spike growing gills.  Jane felt like he was in the puddle with Spike.   A trip to Judge Davis and an initial turndown of a warrant, but Lisbon gets tricky and the warrant is issued.

Don Clyde, 48 years old, no warrants, is identified as one of the killers.  A return to VNX headquarters and the place is cleaned out.   Volker shows up at CBI Headquarters, Jane says he's scared of them and should be.  Charles Milk is the other killer.

Patrick to Lisbon on Clyde:  bring him in and fake the leverage.  Clyde doesn't ask for a lawyer.  To Clyde, Patrick says, "We know someone else saw you kill are not a sociopath like Volker or Milk...where is Marvin Pettigrew?"  Clyde is killed by a moving bus.

Brenda is working with Volker.  Volker calls up Mr. Costa:  Mr. Costa, "I have a job for you."

Marvin Pettigrew is found, Volker is arrested.

**As a coincidence [product placement?], note the following:  

Chevrolet officially unveils 2014 Corvette C7which images include a red Corvette.


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