Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Director of Toronto public school system admits plagiarism

See the article Toronto school board director admits plagiarism in Star article concerning the admission by Chris Spence of plagiarism.

**Update. Things getting worse for Spence???

See Chris Spence’s U of T doctoral dissertation now under plagiarism probe

The University of Toronto is now investigating allegations that former Toronto District School Board director Chris Spence plagiarized several lengthy passages of his doctoral dissertation — which, if proved, could lead him to lose his degree.

Further allegations have also emerged that passages in books he authored also contain plagiarized material, over and above the questionable material found in a number of newspaper articles, online postings, his blog and speeches that appear to have originated from sources as varied as the New York Times and a user review on

The Globe and Mail noted:

Dr. Spence resigned on Thursday afternoon after allegations of plagiarism began piling up regarding sources as diverse as his doctoral thesis, his personal blog and his newspaper opinion pieces.

Debate over Dr. Spence’s severance package consumed most of a TDSB meeting on Friday, and the discussion was cut off before trustees could appoint an interim leader. “Monetary issues” dominated the session, board chair Chris Bolton said, because Dr. Spence “had some things he was entitled to, just as a teacher would.”

Dr. Spence will receive a payout of about $158,000, equal to seven months of his salary as director, according to a source.


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