Sunday, January 20, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on 20 January 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, January 20, 2013. By law, today is inauguration day. Sotomayor administered the oath to Biden today. The cover story is'Leading the Way', by Barry Petersen, and it will pose some questions around the topic of successful presidential leadership. Second, Lee Cowan does a story on the new Stingray. Third, Rebecca Jarvis visits the Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet. A Sunday Drive. Fourth, Martha Teichner on Downton Abbey. The television series segment, gives the history of Highclere Castle and the PBS drama 'Downton Abbey, in 'The Real Downton Abbey'. Mo Rocca to offer an inauguration triptych, reporting on George Washington's bible. The 'Winners and Losers' segment to follow, as well as 'Sworn in Without the Hoopla', the passing of 'Dear Abby' for Passage. Opinion should be a commentary on Obama's second inauguration by Tavis Smiley; 'By the Numbers' to follow, related to the inauguration. Almanac should be an expose of Audrey Hepburn.

Bill Plante. President Obama begins the day at Arlington. At 5 minutes before noon, Roberts will administer the oath. Hostage crisis in Algeria ends. Guna across America rallys. Stan Musial died at 92. Earl Weaver died at 82 while on a cruise. 49ers vs. Falcons. Ravens vs. Patriots. Batmobile, 4.2 million dollars. Weather: Tale of two forecasts.

First, "Leading the Way" by Barry Petersen, beginning with Ronald Reagan's line on Walter Mondale. A clip including Michael J. Fox. Thomas Cronin: Mother Thereaa, Mandela, and Spiderman all rolled into one. David McCullough on John Adams. May none other than honest and wise men rule under this roof. Honesty is essential. Courage, integrity, patience, and determination. Roosevelt on Panama Canal. Tremendous cost and tremendous risk. TR first Prex to leave USA during office. Best lead not only with actions but also with words. David Gergen: advisor to four presidents. Unifier in chief. FDR: maps of Pacific. Persuader. Bring country along with him. @nd term: a year to 18 months before jockeying for a successor takes over. Thomas Jefferson faced inside the beltway partisanship. Jon Meachem: the art of power. Use the dinner table. David Gergen: socializing for political gain. Obama playing golf. McCullough on Gerald Ford. He seemed ordinary. Made one of the bravest decisions. An act of political courage that healed the country. Follow me, we're going to make that mountain.

January 20, 1993. Audrey Hepburn died of cancer at age of 63. Studied ballet in Holland. 1954: Roman Holiday. 1961: Breakfast at Tiffanys. 1963: Charade. 1964: My Fair Lady. Roaming ambassador for UNICEF. 8 missions to Ethiopia. Inoperable cancer.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey got under way. Martha Teichner on Highclere Castle. The 8th earl and Lady Carnvaron. The house in 1993 relied on weddings and conferences for revenue. The 5th earl and Almina (from de Rothchild). The 5th earl was a car driver. Almina turned home into a hospital. The 5th earl bankrolled Howard Carter; Nov. 1922, King Tut. April 5, 1923: death of 5th earl in Cairo. Castle built in 1840s, completely surrounding an earlier house. Dinner at Highclere Castle. 1200 visitors per day now visit Highclere.

President and VP at Arlington this morning. Mo Rocca looks at inauguration ways.
NYC, April 30, 1789. The inaugural inaugural. Four presidents would take oath on the same Bible. The nearest bible, St. John's Masonic Lodge Number 1. Fourteen presidents were Masons. Masonic Bible transcended denomination. A passage from Genesis: Jacob blessing his 12 sons. Random pick: Book of Job, disease, destruction, and death. Bible present at groundbreaking of White House and at death of Washington.

1953 Chevy Corvette shown. Lee Cowan mentioned Alan Shephards Corvette. 1963: Stingray. 2013: Stingray back. A firebreathing monster. Jean Jennings. Delivers a huge whack of fun. V8: 450 horsepower. Todds Jechter, engineer. 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. 190 miles per hour. Tom Peters, head of Corvette design. Looks too much like Dodge Viper. First unveiled at Motorama in 1953. Zorra Duntoff was chief engineer. Mention of Route 66. Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean. By the 1980s, sales stuck in low gear. On the road, it was a farm implement. Part of DNA of Chevrolet. Rick Hendrick. 427, 390 horsepower. Corvette was the ultimate car.
[Hot rod Lincoln music playing in background.]

Pauline Philips died on Wednesday, at age 94, about 10 years after her twin died. By 1958, she was on person-to-person. Most people just want someone to listen to them, without sermonizing. Rivalry was stuff of legend. Very big high heels to fill.

Mo Rocca. Constitution, noon on Jan. 20th. Lyndon Johnson took oath on Air Force One. Gerald Ford. Plymouth Notch, Vermont, Calvin Coolidge. At 2:47am in 1923. Oath of Office Room. No electricity in town. No telephone. General Store had telephone. Birdseye maple and cherry. Coolidge sworn in by notary public, his father.

Rebecca Jarvis, Sunday Profile, on Warren Buffet. Buffet drives his own Cadillac. McDonalds, sauaage McMuffin. His early home. No iPad, no iPhone. Bought his first stock at age 11. Five years to save $120. 1941. Now 82. Picture of year book at Rose Hill Elementary. Being rich = being independent. Carol Loomis. Tap Dancing to Work. Biggest strength: rationality. Most investors are swept up by emotions. 1000 in April 1966 to 6.5 million dollars. Luck begins at birth. Born in 1930. In 2011, NYT editorial: we mega-rich continue to get our tax breaks. Inequality of results ok. Debt itself is not a problem. 535 people are not going to mess up 315 million. We have had a system that has released the potential of human beings. This country just keeps chugging forward. The average person will not know enough. Buy an index fund. Overall they were do find over time. It's a big mistake to look back.

Notre Dame linebacker has broken his silence. Dean Reynolds. Narrative of pain and perseverance. His girlfriend: car accident and leukemia. Deadspin, a sports blog. Jack Dickey. 22 year old Stanford grad. No death notice. Highly unlikely he was duped in fashion he said. Triumph over tragedy. Elaborate, sophisticated hoax. Manti Te'o. Some Samoan man had pranked him. A story too good to be true.

Mo Rocca discusses losers. Arizona's Barry Goldwater. Winning by losing. Douglas Brinkley. Barry blazed the trail for Ronald Reagan. George McGovern was ahead of his time. Davis , loser in 1924, argued Brown v. Board. Grover Clevaland. Michael Dukakis, how not to look in a tank. Horatio Seymour, in 1868. The genius of Washington was he stepped aside. How to step from power gracefully. [Note: the remark there is no such thing as "Ford-ite" is not consistent with earlier remarks about how great Ford was.]

Looking ahead. Monday, Prez Obama. Tuesday: election day in Israel. Wed. Hillary Clinton testifies. Thurs. Senate Foreign Relation Fri. Geither down. Sat: Phantom.

Opinion by Tavis Smiley. MLK is the background of Obama's foreground. Table of brotherhood. Fulfillment. Poverty, militarism, racism. Obama should consider: random use of drones. Channel King: use of MLK's Bible. King being used symbolically but misused substantively. How serious we consider the legacy of MLK. The time is always right to do right.

Moment of nature (Volunteers of America). Among geysers of Yellowstone, America's first national park.


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