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CBS Sunday Morning for 13 January 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, January 13, 2013. How can the government monitor the border, in a story by Sara Atchinson. Second, Lee Cowan on Nick Boychik (who has no arms no legs). Third, Tracy Smith on reality show person, Bethany Frankel of Real Housewives. Fourth, Anthony Mason on Scarlet Johansson in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Nickname ScarJoe. Fifth, Bill Geist on a football crash course for dummies. Sixth, Rita Braver. Steve Hartman. Faith Staley.

Headlines. Anniversary of Costa Concordia. France had raised domestic alert level. Terrorists in Mali. Lance Armstrong/Oprah Winfrey. Eugene Patterson died; newspaperman. King James Bible. 89 years old. Valerie Hagan/Miss America. Golden Globes. NFL playoffs. 49ers win big. Seattle's Snow Day; largest snow ball fight.
Weather: mild and wet in the northeast.

The cover story was "Over the Line," who watches the Border Watchers? Reported by Sharyl Attkisson. When it comes to securing southern border, some agents have been stepping over the line. The Ladd farm started in 1894. About half a million people have been caught. The illegals set up ramps to drive over the fences. The cartel controls the south side. Ladd has come up with an astonishing theory: the border patrol agents have been co-opted. Bribe money. Drug cartels are using Cold War style tactics: money, sex, drugs. Terry Reed of the FBI. In 2007 7 task forces, now 24. San Ysidro process 110,000 people per day. CBP. 358 convictions of Border Patrol people since 2004. Case of Michael Gillehan, who was passing loads of illegal aliens. Took $120,000 bribes. Luis Alarid got $2000 per person, thus $36,000 for one van of 18. Search of home found $175,000 in cash. Cristopher Matson oversees agency, noted he had to be focussed like a laser beam. Serious threat to national security: terrorists slipping in. Mexican drug lords starting to link to terrorists, such as from Iran, Hezbollah. John Ladd noted 16-17 different nationalities had been caught on his ranch. Ladd: I don't have any confidence in our government or the people trying to enforce the border.

IPBiz note.  This story, in 2013, on corruption is hardly a news flash.  Note the New York Times article titled  Border Agents, Lured by the Other Side
which appeared in May 2008 and noted:
In one of the new corruption cases this month, at a border crossing east of San Diego, a customs officer allowed numerous cars with dozens of illegal immigrants and hundreds of pounds of drugs to pass through his inspection lane, investigators said.
The officer, Luis Alarid, 31, had worked at the crossing less than a year, and the loads included a vehicle driven by Mr. Alarid’s uncle, the authorities said. Mr. Alarid has pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to smuggle. Investigators found about $175,000 in cash in his house, according to court records.

Of rancher John Ladd, see a piece from October 2012  

Border Patrol Agent’s Death Dubbed Friendly Fire


Links provided by CBS:

Major Management Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS Inspector General)
A Line in the Sand: Countering Crime, Violence and Terror at the Southwest Border (House Committee on Homeland Security)

ALMANAC for January 13: Chubby Checker. January 13, 1962. Hit parade lightning. Chubby Checker's twist hit number 1 for the the second time. Peppermint Lounge. By early 1962. Dwight D. Eisenhower: twist represents some kind of change in our standards. Checker: you did not have to be a great dancer to do the twist. Checker: the greatest champion of the twist.

Provided by CBS:

[MUSEUM: It All Adds Up
Mo Rocca visits a New York City museum devoted entirely to mathematics, where finding math enthusiasts is as easy as pi. ??

For more info:

Museum of Mathematics, New York, N.Y.]

EXPLORATION: New Frontiers
Rita Braver reports. Albert Lin in Outer Mongolia looking for tomb of Ghenghis Khan.
Lin using crowd-sourcing to identify to possible sites. Use human intuition. After sites identified, on horseback to inspect. Ground penetrating radio. Remote control aircraft. Analyzes 3D images at UCal/San Diego. His work is funded by National Geographic. Terry Garcia oversees current exploration program. Alexander Graham Bell started society 125 years ago today (Jan. 13). 10,000th exploration 1.5 years ago. Hiram Bingham and Macchu Pichu. Jacques Costeau. Goodall. Garcia believes future holds more excitement. Keys to unlock doors. Using modern DNA techniques to map out diaspora of human race. How did patterns arise. Spencer Wells taking samples of DNA. Study genetic markers. Everybody in world can be broken down into 9 components. Braver's DNA: 57% European, 2% East Asian. $200 fee: you can submit your own. Setting gene geography. Human history.

References provided by CBS:

National Geographic's 125th anniversary photo galleries (Participate in Spencer Well's project to investigate the world's DNA - your own family history
Albert Lin will be featured, along with James Cameron, Jane Goodall, Bob Ballard and others, on a Google+ Hangout, 1:00 p.m. ET Sunday, January 13, soon after the story on National Geographic airs

Tracy Smith on Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives. Two year old Brin. The nutrition bars. Booze to books: skinny girl products. The girl friend factor. A million Twitter followers. Shapewear. In 2005, she tried out for Martha Stewart's apprentice. Three years later: Real Housewives of New York City. Best decision she made in her life. The person not the product. Distilled multimillion dollar idea: SkinnyGirl liquor brand. Retained skinny girl trademark for things other than liquor. Former husband Jason Hoppe. Her stepfather trained racehorses. Stepdad and mom fought. Now, keeps in touch with stepdad but not mom. Bethenny getting married.Reality show cancelled last spring. Recently on Ellen. Now, Bethenny has reality show, produced by Ellen DeGeneres.

Faith Salie on passwords. Strong password. Lots of judging going. Replacing vowels with numbers. Bl@{k. Security theater. Security passwords. What was your childhood nickname? Japanese engineers: your butt print.

AGAINST THE ODDS: Nick Vujicic done by Lee Cowan. Quote from John Kennedy: Life is unfair. But consider story of Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs, but that's never stopped him. He travels the world speaking to millions of the power of faith and never giving up. He is a motivational speaker and evangelist. Second book: Unstoppable. He is at age 30. Typing with his toes. Skydiving. Surfing the waves at Oahu. Restored 1966 Chevelle. He was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. Nick was born at 6:35am. Dead silence in the room. What future does this child have. Focamelia. He learned to adapt. Better off without prosthetic limbs. Special wheel chair, used for 15 years. Could move vertically. Curious looks turned to bullying. At age 10, teasing got too much to bear. Nick slid beneath the water. But could not commit suicide. Now, invites the stares. Foundation: Life without Limbs. He cherishes the hugs. He looks different, but he's still cool. Speaking appearance in El Centro, California. Come here for one person, at least. Nine year old Leah Ninyetta, cerebral palsy victim. Better than meeting Justin Bieber. We are never alone. Spoke for two hours. Married in Santa Barbara, Valentines Day last year. Had a normal child. YouTube videos. Owes fortune to his faith. Broken pieces of life into something beautiful.

CBS links:
"Unstoppable" by Nick Vujicic (Random House)

**Connecticut PTSA requested snowflakes for Sandy Hook. Recycled story by Steve Hartman. Snowflakes crafted out of every conceivable medium. Children just like us.

[PASSAGE: Monopoly ???]

Questions & Answers with Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mason reports. 2003: Lost in Translation. Will movie fans follow her to theater. Career transition. Sound stage to Broadway stage. Next 2.5 months at Richard Rogers theater. Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Ambitious Southern belle trying to hold onto her decaying marriage. Earning $40,000 per week on Broadway. Acronym: ScarJo. In 2010, she won Tony, A View from the Bridge. To give childbirth. You just remember Tony. Stage debut in 1993 in Sophistry, when in third grade. Obsessed with Frank Sinatra. Had deep husky voice, like Ethel Merman. Be forever wounded or become thick skinned. Mother extremely supportive. Voice was an asset in movie audtions. She was nine in North in 1994. In "The Horse Whisperer." At 17: Lost in Translation, with Bill Murray. Then, Girl with a Pearl Earring. Woody Allen Match Point. Sexually overwhelming. Not always going to be a sex symbol. Burden? Who cares. Rejected for Daisy in Great Gatsby, went to Carrie Mulligan. Black Widow in Captain America. Ryan Reynolds marriage. Big life changing moments. Feel wiser. Only feel holder in my right hip. PT bill.

FOOTBALL: Field of Study. Instructional time-out with Bill Geist. Bill inserted into "NFL Today" with Bill Cowher, Boomer,Shannon Sharpe, etc. Geist interviews Boston person, who did not know football. Patriots have big playoff game today. Gene DiFillipo, formerly at Boston College, does basic class on football. Tom Brady is married to Giselle. Class held at British consulate in Boston. Mention of soccer. Jacks right 26 boot g 327.
Students at sports bar: beer, wings and nachos. Nickel back, dime back. You've got to know at least something about it.

Link from CBS:

Week ahead. Justin Timberlake on Monday. Tuesday: Joe Biden. Wednesday: Mariah Carey. Thursday: Sundance. Friday: Danny Kaye. Saturday: Batmobile auctioned off.

Bob Schieffer. Stanley McChrystal.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Set sail on SS United States.

Moment of Nature, Spiriva: Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Montana, where the moose can run loose. [Moose in Texas. ????]


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