Sunday, January 06, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning for January 6, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 6, 2013.

Almanac. January 6, 1912, New Mexico statehood. New Mexico is the fifth largest state by area.

Martha Teichner on top hat. More than 260 hats at Peabody Museum in Salem, MA. Linda Roscoe Hardigan is curator. Court jestor's hat from 1600s. British hat designer Steven Jones. Live my life and put it into a hat. Hatters and milliners. London is the hat capital of the world. Lucite and felt. Facinators. Beatrix and Eugenie. Self-expression. A disguise or revelation. Hats are an exclamation mark. A party on your head.

David Martin on General McCrystal. Win the war on terror. Not enough to send commando teams. Not tapping into the power of information. Bags of information accumulating. He brought outsiders into the field of information. Equivalent passion We started as a bookshop and we became Once you step away from your humanity, I'm not sure where you really are. Some operators working for me mistreated the detainees. Followed ZarKowi's spiritual advisor. McCrystal spent five years in Iraq. He became the 12th Afghanistan commander in 8 years. Afghanistan had been sparsely resourced. Got Obama to send in 30,000 more troops. Rolling Stone: The Runaway General. McCrystal was awakened at 2am in the morning. Michael Hastings. "The Boss was pretty disappointed." McCrystal called to Washington, DC. Resignation accepted. Had been a soldier for 34 years. At 55 no longer a soldier. "Ultimately it's about relationships." I'd be dishonest to say it doesn't still hurt.

Sunday Passage. Patti Page died at age 85. Program sponsored by Page Milk. Tennessee Waltz. How much is that doggie in the window. Elmer Gantry.

Michelle Miller on the Q factor, discussing movie Beasts of the Southern Wild Character Quvenzhané Wallis as Hushpuppy, who lives in the Louisiana Bayou. Quivenzhene Wallace. Ben Zeitlen. Dwight Henry plays character Wink. ButterMilkDrop in New Orleans. Big Al's Seafood. Homa, LA.

Mo Rocca on exercise. Hop to it. Skipping rope. Buddy Lee of the Jumprope Institute. Total body activity. Stay on balls of feet. Eric Kelly, boxing trainer. As early as 1600 BC Egyptian. Double dutch.

Tracy Smith does Sunday Profile on Laura Dern. HBO Dromedy Enlighten. The broken funny in life. Diane Ladd plays her mother in Enlighten. To work with someone you love. Laura was 9 when she told Bruce Dern she wanted to act. She auditioned for Foxes, and had three little scenes. By 16, Laura was emancipated minor. At 19, Blue Velvet, with director David Lynch. Wild at Heart. Rambling Rose. To go out on the edge of the cliff when you take roles.

Zero Dark Thirty. Enhanced interrogation. Standard revenge picture. Do barbaric means justify noble ends? Peter Bergen. Analysts pitching their superiors. You are a part of this debate. Moral scrupulousness.

Week ahead. Monday. 60th anniversary of Harry Truman ack. h=bpmb. Tuesday: Amy Winehouse. Wed. baseball hall of fame. Thurs. Oscar. Fri: quartet Sat. NFL divisional playoffs.

Next week on Sunday Morning: Roberta Flack.
Osgood will soon be an octagenarian. He sings: I knew that dopey guy when he didn't know how to tie a bow tie. Man in the big glass. Can he possibly be me? Who is this elderly lothario with a twinkle in his eye? Man in the looking glass, smiling away. Where's that first love affair? Man in the looking glass; have no regrets; the man who is wise never forgets that life is worth living. look in the looking glass and smile.

Moment of nature. No sponsor. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Dark stillness.


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