Sunday, January 06, 2013

"60 Minutes" for January 6, 2013

First, Morley Safer on New Orleans, including the Times-Picayune. It's hardly news that the newspaper business is on the ropes. Last October, 2012, the Times-Picayune went to three-day per week publishing. It had published everyday for 175 years. Mitch Landrieux is interviewed. Picayune was an old Spanish coin. O. Henry wrote for the paper. David Carr of the NYT says the Picayune was one of the few things that worked in New Orleans. A Newhouse newspaper. Steve Newhouse announced a re-structuring: print on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Jim Amos is the editor of the Times-Picayune. The patient was dying. Newhouse has 35 regional newspapers. More than 1/3 of New Orleans is without internet access. Tom Benson was willing to buy the Times-Picayune. The Cleveland Plain Dealer may soon be next.

Second, design thinking. Charlie Rose talks with David Kelley at Ideo. The first computer mouse for Ideo. Incorporate human behavior into design. Instead on just one thread. Get to a place you can't get to with just one mind. Unorthodox approach to problem solving. Collaboration, diversity. Build on one another's ideas. Empathy for the consumer. See when they grimace. To really build empathy, observe people. Jobs made Ideo. With no preamble, it's Steve. Apple III and Lisa. For $17, make a mouse. Make it intuitive for the human. Rubber coating the ball; no seams. "I thought you were good." Kitchen tools; heart difribillator. SteelCase turned to Ideo to re-invent the school desk. Empathetic to people. Kelley's first job was at Boeing; the lavoratory occupied sign. Stanford University's product design program. Jobs to Kelley: Go straight to Western medicine. Branscomb Farms. Helped people to find confidence in their creativity.

Third, Lionel Messi of soccer fame. Could Barcelona's famed soccer academy, La Masia, be a model for America to nurture future superstars, as Spain did with Lionel Messi?


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