Sunday, December 30, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on December 30, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for the last Sunday Morning of 2012. The cover story is on fracking, done by David Pogue. Jamie Foxx is interviewed by Byron Pitts. I still pinch myself. Third, Hail and farewell to people who have died in the year 2012. Fourth, Mo Rocca on Cancun, art that lives underwater. Fifth, fast draw. Sixth, Scotland. Seventh, good and bad of 2012. Headlines: Senator negotiators. 23 year old woman of India was cremated. Woman subway pusher. George Bush improving. 150th anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation (slaves forever free [?]). Weather: turning colder in northeast.

Natural gas is cheap and plentiful. American shale basins. Marcellus shale formation. Cabot Oil and Gas. 3/4 of billion cubic feet of gas per today. Pogue illustrates with a layered cake. Robert Jackson of Duke University. In last decade, horizontal business added. Bob and Tina McShane in New York. Stories of contaminated water. Ramsey Adams of Catskill Water Keepers. Clip from movie "Promised Land." 99% of fracking fluid is water and sand. Higher likelihood of finding gas in water. Michelle Bamberger and Bod Oswald have studied the issue. Methane migration. Now, in PA, water tested before and after fracking. Also, issued of "where" used water goes. Now, recycle used water. There is so much we don't know. Issue of proprietary chemicals. Issue of nondisclosure agreements. EPA is doing a study. 36,000 fracking wells in US. Price of natural gas has dropped 86% since 2008. Fracking isn't going away. Pulse: 36% don't know if fracking is safe.

Almanac. Dec. 30, 1695. Samuel Borland died. The inventor of the first calculating machine. 1981: IBM first desktop. Clip from Seinfeld. Daily planner; figure out tips. In 1976, challenge to Devi. 986 is the answer to a cube root problem.

Mo Rocca does "Sunken Treasures" in Cancun, Mexico. MUSA is the underwater museum. Jaime Gonzalez, Marine Park Director, wanted to divert attendance from natural reefs damaged by hurricanes, so that they could re-grow. Roberto Diaz, operator of Apple World, does underwater tours. Taylor created statues of local Cancun people, made via molds. A nun who was Taylor's Spanish teacher. Victoria Secret model. Ultrahard concrete. Art gone wild. People visit the underwater statues instead of the reef.

News events. Costa Concordia wreck in Italy in January 2012. Treyvon Martin in Sanford, FL in February. In March, world population at 7 billion. In April, NYC building. In May, super moon. In June, 5-4 Supreme Court on Obamacare. In July, Aurora, Colorado. Olympics in London. In August, Republican convention in Tampa. Clint Eastwood. In September, Democrat convention. Benghazi. Chris Stevens. In October, Sandy, late season hurricane. In November, Obama won. In December, Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT. Now, the fiscal cliff.

Byron Pitts does the "Sunday Profile" on Jamie Foxx. Best Actor Oscar for role as Ray Charles. Life is notes under your fingers; all you have to do is hit the right notes. Role in Tarantino movie. Born in Terrill, Texas. Star of high school football team. Bradshaw Street. I still got ya, just in case you fall. Scholarship to college in San Diego. Took name Jamie Foxx. "In Living Color" Wild parties. I can't wait to go there and have fun. Bill Cosby was critical of Jamie Foxx. Booty Call. Movie: Any Given Sunday. Shininess of being TV. Movie with Michael Mann. In 2005, nominated for two different Oscars. Got a call from Oprah. Sidney Poitier. At end of speech, tribute to grandmother: she still talks to me, in my dreams. Jamie Foxx loves music best. Remnants of her in my thoughts.

Steve Hartman on legacy in northeast Michigan (Midland). Launching Chinese balloons. Jayden Lamb. I'm never going to get married daddy; God needs me more. Kind deeds being done.

Willem Marks on Scotch whiskey. Isle of Islay. Water, malted barley, and yeast. Copper stills and wooden barrels. Peat smoke rich. Peat smoke used to flavor the barley. The sheep outnumber the people. Summer camp for adults: festival in the summer. Bowmore. John Campbell, master distiller at Laphroaig . [Ardbeg, Lagavulin, and Laphroaig ]

Hail and farewell starts with Dick Clark. Then Dave Brubeck. Jerry Nussen of the Muppets. Ann Curtis, swimmer in 1948. Neil Armstrong. Andy Williams (Moon River). Sun Yung Moon. Sherwood Rowland (phaseout of CFCs). Inouye, McGovern, Schwarzkopf. 300 servicemen who died. Mass shootings Aurora, CO; Oak Creek, WI; Newtown, CT. Whitney Houston. Mike Wallace. Most feared words in English language: Mike Wallace is here. Levon Helm, The Last Waltz. Elizabeth Catlett. Russell Means. Richard Threlkeld did initial cover story of Sunday Morning in 1979. Leroy Neiman. Jack Klugman as Oscar. Hector Macho Camacho. Alex Karras. Ernest Borgnine. Vidal Sassoon. Phyllis Diller. Maurice Sendak, where the wild things are. Adam Yelp of Beastie Boys. Davy Jones. Richard Dawson. Sherman Helmsley. Don Cornelius. Donna Summer. Helen Gurley Brown. Nora Ephron. Larry Hagman. Marvin Hamlisch. Joseph Murray and Donnall Thomas (Nobel Prize winners). Ray Bradbury. Sally Ride. Earl Scruggs. Andy Griffith. Etta James.

Fast Draw on baby colors. ToysRUs catalog in Europe. Book: Pink and Blue. Picture of FDR.

Week ahead. Monday: Newsweek. Tuesday: New Years. Wednesday: Holmes of Aurora.
Thursday: Sandy Hook. Friday: confirm Obama as winner.

Next week. MaCrystal and Laura Dern.

Moment of nature. HandiHaler. Cache Le Poudre River in Colorado.


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