Sunday, December 02, 2012

CBS "Sunday Morning" on December 2, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, December 2, 2012. Breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment, but do we really need to know? Tracy Smith does the cover story titled "Need to Know." Genetic testing. Second, Dean Reynolds on Lincoln the car. Third, "Raising the Bar," by Seth Doane on chocolate bars and Ben Affleck. Fourth, Serena Alschuler on Alan Cumming. Fifth, Martha Teichner on Jefferson. Mo Rocca on annoying people. Headlines: tunnel collapse in Japan. deadly day in Afghanistan. Washington Post on expansion of pentagon spying. Floods in northern California. Suicide by Kansas City Chief's linebacker. Alabama beats Georgia 32-28.
Weather: above normal temperatures across most of the country.

How far would you be willing to go to learn about possible diseases? Tracy Smith asks do you really want to know what potentially can kill you. James Watson might be at risk for Alzheimer's. Dr. Robert Green "APOE Genotype". But Green found out "no difference" between knowing and not knowing. CBS poll: 58% of people would want to know. Ocular melanoma example. Class II has no cure. Prognostic test. [Dr. Harber]. Answer to why do you want to know: I have a bucket list. Scott Gaines diagnosed with eye cancer. Harber's own father diagnosed with melanoma. Dr. Evangelos Melanguda recommends against the test; nothing to offer to the patient. Issue of insurance.
For many, there is no such thing as ignorant bliss. Is the burden of not knowing greater than the burden of knowing? In 2010, 5 billion dollars spent on genetic testing. Genetic testing will be as common as blood pressure. Dr. Scott Gaines was found to be class II, but has outlived his prognosis. Poll: test for how long you'll live? 65% would NOT take it.

Almanac. Dec. 2, 1942. UChicago Stagg Field. First self-sustained nuclear chain reaction. 1950s promotional film on nuclear power shown. Dec. 2, 1957: First nuclear power plant in Shippingport, PA. Nuclear now produces about 20% of US electricity. Almanac ends with Henry Moore sculpture unveiled in Dec. 1967 on University of Chicago campus over former Stagg Field between 54th and 57th along Ellis Ave.

Elizabeth Palmer with story "Walking on Air." Janssen near Amsterdam. Beach animals. Inventor and artist. Breathing life into ordinary PVC pipe. Strand beasts powered by wind. Janssen continues to re-invent and refine them. There are 34 designs in all.Animaris persipari. Animaris rhinoceris was made of cardboard. Denise de Cordoba at London's Museum of Design. Propostion of leg parts worked out by computer algorithm. Janssen bought, and currently stores, 30 miles of PVC. One man's pipe dream of immortality.

Dean Reynolds on the loss of luster to the Lincoln brand. John Steinbock: no other car so satisfied my soul. Emilio Pucci: Pucci Edition Mark IV. Henry Leland was founder. By 1922, Leland sold Lincoln to Ford. Edsel Ford was trying to find his way; Lincoln provided that opportunity. Limousine of choice. Sales were 200,000 in 1990 but started to diminish. Average age of Lincoln owner is now 65. Max Wolf is now designer for Lincoln; he previously worked at Cadillac. Wolf talks about re-imagining a bright luxury name. Now, the 2012 MKZ. Push buttons for shifting gears. In background, Commander Cody music.

New look for Bazooka gum, launched originally in 1947. The Bazooka gum comic strip, with Bazooka Joe, will be removed from the gum package.

Marths Teichner on Thomas Jefferson. Slavery at Monticello. Jefferson freed only 7 of his slaves, but owned over 600 during his lifetime. 1998 DNA proof as to Sally Hemings children. Jon Meacham's biography of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson's life made possible by slavery. Berrell Colbert. Elizabeth Chu. John Hemmings was freed on his Jefferson's death. Lonnie Bunch about "slavery at Monticello". Jefferson's lap top desk. Jefferson's nail-making workshop. Slaves were whipped. Jefferson talked about re-patriation. In Paris, in 1780s, Jefferson supposedly began liasion with Hemings. In Sept. 1802, a Virginia newspaper outed the Jefferson/Hemmings relationship. Shannon Lanier attended reunion in 1999.

23 days till Christmas. Nothing says Christmas like a cup of cocoa. Seth Doane traveled to Africa. Theo chocolate. Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo Pili Pili Chile. Ben Affleck and Joe Winnie. In 2009: Eastern Congo Initiative started by Ben Affleck. Celebrity as currency to attract investment. Train farmers to improve the crop. Pods don't take last chocolate; rather like passion fruit. The beans are worthless without significant processing. Theo's $5 Congo Bar.

Serena Alschuler does Sunday Profile on Alan Cumming. The Anniversary Party. GoldenEye. Josie and the Pussycats. The Good Wife (Eli Gold). One man production of Macbeth. Played the Emcee in Cabaret in 1998 (54Below). Cumming grew up in a country estate. "My mom told me I was precious." Hillary Lyon. Dogs Honey and Leon. Everything in moderation, including moderation. Film: AnyDayNow. Scottish: sniffing out injustice. Fragrance line. Cumming: I had my life backwards.

The A-word by Mo Rocca. Clip form Wall Street; South Park. Geoffrey Nunberg of UCal/Berkeley. Someone who is a jerk. A-words go back to ancient Greece. George Patton described as a-word. Aaron James, book A-holes, UCal/Irvine. Kanye West: a delusional a-word. The internet is like the promised land for a-holes. World wide restroom. Poll: men display a-hole character more frequently than women.

Sunday morning calendar. Amy Winehouse; Corey Booker on food stamps; Grammy nominations; national Christmas Tree; launch of Apollo 17; chanukah

Schieffer: Treasury Secretary Geithner

Next week on Sunday Morning: Exan MacGregor; Bruno Mars

Moment of nature, Spiriva Handihalder: Costa Rica, howler monkeys. Iguana. purple flowers; red bromeliad.


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