Sunday, December 16, 2012

CBS "Sunday Morning" on December 16, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, December 16, 2012. Osgood started with Newtown, CT. Lee Cowan does the cover story on religion, "none of the above." Second, Byron Pitts on the harp, "pluck." Third, Anthony Mason on Led Zeppelin. Fourth, Bill Geist on the end of fall, and the end of the world. Fifth, Rita Braver on Chris Elliot. Ravi Shankar. Peter Rabbit. Headlines: Obama to Newton, CT. 27 people are confirmed dead, 20 of whom are young people. Martha Teichner will have more. Mall at Newport Beach, CA. Birmingham, Alabama. Jets in Damascus. Nelson Mandela underwent surgery for gallstones. Weather: rain likely east of Mississippi.

Martha Teichen covered the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. Emily Parker was one of the victims. 8 boys/12 girls, all first graders. Marsha Lanza is the aunt of the shooter, Adam Lanza. Will Newtown be any different? At Virginia Tech, 32 people died; Sandy Hook is the second worst. The Worther Effect discussed by John Miller, now a correspondent for CBS News. Pew survey shows only 26% support for ban on handguns. "Fortress Kindegarten." Kenneth Trump, National School Safety and Security Systems in Cleveland, Ohio. Adam Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School. Glenn Sachs of Langone Medical Center at Langone: trauma drops IQ. "In the end, hugs are not enough."

Lee Cowan on the cover story. Pew: 45 million people say they belong to no church in particular. Red McCall president of atheist group in Ok. City, Ok. Researchers call them the nones. Now, 20%. Terry Funk is senior researcher on the Pew study. Spiritual, but not religious. The turn off is organized religion seeking money. US only has 48% Protestants. Ed Young of the Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. The church is one generation away from extinction. The young are turned off: 1 in 3 not into organized religion. Charles Kimball: vast majority of students don't see organized religion as effective. So much bureacracy and rules. Single and not hoping to find anything else. Solstice rituals at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Almanac. Dec. 16, 1901, first Beatrix Potter story on Peter the Rabbit. Flopsy, Mopsey, and Peter. Squirrel Nutkin. Over 40 million Potter books have been sold. I never quite understood the secret of Peter's perennial charm. Potter died in December 1943.

Byron Pitts on the harp. 13 year old Kim Walker of Atlanta's Harp Ensemble. Who can say: I play the harp? Carolyn Lund is the instructor. Rare and unique. Kids want to stand out. Ensemble has 12 year history. Elizabeth Remy Johnson and Rosalind Lewis. African-American males playing. Desmond Johnson, raised by his grandmother. Playing harp kind of girlie. Harp is reason Desmond going to college, at Georgia State University. Morton at Boston University. Lesson: don't give up. Real stuff, real life.

Chris Elliott: get a life. Rita Braver does Sunday Profile. American Comedy Royalty.
Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding: "Bob and Ray." Wally Balou. In 1979: on Saturday Night Live. Chris appeared on David Letterman. What's going to make Dave laugh? Rachel Maddow Show. "He should not have children". Chris: the guy under the sheets. Son of Sam sounds funnier. Sound effect machine. In 1990: Get a Life, 30 year old paper boy. Bob Elliott always wore a bath robe. Testy cameraman in Ground Hog Day.
"How I met your mother." Stupidity excites you. Lives next to dad in Maine. Worked with daughter Abby on Letterman skits. Bridey is the youngest Elliott. Bob is age 89.

Ravi Shanker died at age 92. Born in northern India. Ravi appeared at Woodstock in 1969. Concert promoter Sue Jones. Daughter Anushka. Co-inventor of bard code, Norman Joseph Woodland also died in the last week. Bullseye format. US Patent 2,612,994 sold to Philco for $15,000. Inducted into inventor's hall of fame.

Bob Orr gives details on Adam Lanza. Police lieutenant noted two badly damaged computers. Lanza used guns from his mother Nancy. 223 semiautomatic assault rifle. Dr. Wayne Carver, medical examiner. Victims had 3 to 11 shots. Peter Lanza, the father: we too are asking why.

Anthony Mason interviews the members of Led Zeppelin. John Paul Jones and two other surviving members got Kennedy Center Awards. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Disbanded in 1980 after death of drummer Ron Bonham. Band sold more than 300 million records. Changed the blueprint of a lot of things. Moved the horizon. Jimmy Page was the founder. Played for the Who, the Kinks, and theme for Goldfinger. The Yard Birds. Bass player John Paul Jones, who wrote for Herman's Hermits. Singer: Robert Plant. "Just so powerful." Rolling Stone Mag: self-indulgent. Geritol. Old farts. By mid1970s, most popular rock band. Tampa FL: 56,000. Joe Perry quote re: Lord Byron. In 1980, Bonham died after consuming 40 shots of vodka. Re-uniting twice before 2007. Everything that is magnificent: can you touch it again? Jason Bonham on drums. Celebration Day. Jimmy Page: open to the idea of reunion, but unlikely to happen. Went out with thunder and awe.

Bill Geist: Friday is the end of the world. Mayan calendar. Night of the Living Dead clip. Bugout bag. two tents. Solar pad. Radio/flashlight/solar charger. Small ax. Tube tent. Stewart Charmay at Rutgers/Camden. Image of the zombie. Doctrine of the rapture. Believing Christians lifted into heaven. Reuters poll: 22% of Americans think the world will end during their lifetime.

Week ahead: Dec. 17: busiest mailing day; DEc. 19 person of the year. Dec. 20: Peter Madoff sentenced. Dec. 21 winter solstice. Dec. 22: busiest shopping day.

Opinion piece from Congresswoman McCarthy related to Dec. 1993 shooting on LIRR. Wife (now Congresswoman) on CT shooting. Carolyn McCarthy.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva HandiHalder. Lansford, North Dakota. Snow and ice on trees.


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