Sunday, November 25, 2012

CBS "Sunday Morning" for November 25, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for November 25, 2012. The Sunday morning after Thanksgiving. Anna Warner does the cover story on the department store of the future. What's in Store? Second, Tracy Smith on Kid Rock, who loves antiquing and interior decorating. Third, Mo Rocca doing "To the Point," on pencils. Fourth, Rita Braver interviews Richard Gere. Serena Alschuler on parade balloon; Alan Edelstein.
Headlines: Black Friday sales down a little over last year. No winner in PowerBall. Natural gas explosion in Springfield, MASS. 112 people died in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Larry Hagman died at age 81. 1/2 of BCS is decided: Notre Dame. Weather: northern part of country cold, or snowy and cold. Florida is sunny.

What's in store for shoppers this holiday season? Anna Werner notes it's the season for buying. Lost in the shopping shuffle is the venerable department store. An allusion to "Miracle on 34th Store." Michael Lisicky is a department store historian [e.g., Filene’s: Boston’s Great Specialty Store, released by Arcadia Publishing ]. Michael says the era of the department store has passed. Ron Johnson of J.C. Penney is interviewed. Johnson talks about earning loyalty. Johnson talks about JCP, with shops within each store. The new navigation path for shopping. The store has "streets." Johnson banished coupons. Johnson noted prices were raised when coupons existed. Sales at JCP stores dropped 20% in the first few months after coupons ended. Next, Eric Nordstrom. Last year, sales of 10.5 billion. Customer-centric. Piano player. Concierge. "Use your best judgment." We default to not having a return policy. 117 stories; on-line warehouse in Iowa. Wallin and Nordstrom started in Seattle in 1901. Nordstrom comments on Ron Johnson's effort: that's hard. Johnson: innovation is very hard and at the same time it's energizing. Failure is not an option. Not going to happen.

Almanac. November 25, 1940. The date Woody Woodpecker debuted in an Andy Panda film, Knock Knock. Mel Blanc recorded laugh before he signed a contract with Warner Brothers. Walter Lance's wife supplied Woody's voice. Lance shut down his animation studio in 1972. There is a Woody Woodpecker roller coaster at Universal in Orlando, FL.

Kaws the artist. Serena Alschuler on Macy's Parade. Balloon of "Companion," a gray and white creature. Kaws started with graffiti. Brian Donnelly grew up in Jersey City. A combination of letters that he liked. Signature: placed X's over figures eyes. Draws Smurfs. Ferrell Williams. In background, Michelin Man with X's for eyes. Modern Art Museum at Ft. Worth. Amy Kuhl is executive producer of events of Macy's. Kaws spent last year at Brooklyn studio doing work for Macy's. The Companion balloon was made in South Dakota. Polyurethane film. Papa Smurf led the Thanksgiving Parade.

The passing of Larry Hagman. J.R. Ewing. SouthFork. Beginning in 1978. In spring of 1980, J.R. shot. Astronaut Anthony Nelson, opposite Barbara Eden. 83 million tuned in to Dallas to see who shot J.R. The Dallas series ended in 1991. Dallas came back to TNT last year. Hagman died Friday at the age of 81 in Dallas.

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow on Collide. Kid Rock interviewed by Tracy Smith. Musical chameleon. Self-taught musician. An estate north of Detroit. "At the end of the day, I am all that." Born Robert Ritchie in Michigan. Bobbie Ritchie moved to Detroit as a teen. "That white kid who rocks." 1998: Devil without a cause. Outlaw image. Actress Pamela Anderson. Touch a hot stove and get burnt. I don't even go near the stove anymore. The ever-present cigar. Ritchie song "Born Free" used by Mitt Romney. Rebel Soul. Drives around Detroit in former police cruiser. Did benefit for Detroit symphony. Robert Ritchie, Jr. is his son. California: ride skateboards and do drugs. Worked hard and built something. Would never bitch about how hard my life was.

David Edelstein on Life of Pi. Ravishingly strange. The central section is a flashback. Make us believe in God; but do we believe in Pi. Transcendentally in between. See the movie in 3D. The tiger is Richard Parker. Something soul killing has taken place on the sea. The film is splendid. Book: The Making of the Life of Pi. Edelstein: I don't care. Edelstein: I'm going to leave it wow. The magic of movies.

Mo Rocca on the humble pencil. David Rees, professional pencil sharpener. For $20, he will sharpen your pencil. Beacon, NY studio. He's done 600 pencils. No. 2 pencil as an engineered communication device. Middle school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Graphite. In about 1565, shepards discovered first naturally occurring graphite. Bind graphite in wood. They called it lead. Glue is put in grooves; then graphite is put in. Musgrave Pencil company in Shelbyville, Alabama. Hugh Lynn.

Sunday Profile by Rita Braver on Richard Gere starts with Officer and Gentleman. Inn: Bedford Post Inn restored by Gere. Movie: Arbitrage in which Gere plays a crooked hedge fund manager. Gere notes everybody in movie is morally challenged. Played lead in King and I in high school. Gere came from farming town in northeastern Pennsylvania. Late 60s, an incredibly vibrant time. 1978 film, Days of Heaven. My life had taken a leap. Officer: I got nowhere else to go. Next: Pretty Woman. We had a buzz going between us. American Gigolo. Chicago. Gere: I have a very simple straight-forward life. Gere married Kerry Lowell in 2002. I have a basic rule: if it's not within an hour of my family, I won't shoot it.

Allan Pizzi on gelato in Bologna, Italy. Food is an art form. Gelato was born here. Carpigiani Gelato University, an international center of learning dedicated to training entrepreneurs. Less than $2 to make a pound which can be sold for $15. Strachatella [In Europe ice cream with a vanilla base and chocolate shavings is also called stracciatella ]. Gelato is Italian for frozen. Gelato has only 7% fat content.[from : Whereas the typical ice cream has a fat content ranging from fourteen to twenty-five percent, gelato averages between five to nine percent butterfat, a significant difference. ] Flavored frozen treats go back to Mesopotamia. In 1903, a patent for device to make gelato available to everyone: ice cream cone.

Fast Draw. Mitch Butler. Josh Landis. on Thanksgiving. Jim Sturba. 400 million beaver in US down to only a few hundred thousand. Acre-for-acre suburbs can support more animals than wild forests. Now, 12 million beaver. Utah State University. 28 billion dollars in damage because of wild life.

Week ahead. Monday: US capital Christmas tree arrives. Wednesday: Hobbit premieres in New Zealand. Friday: official end of 2012 hurricane season.

Joel Sartore (of National Geographic) does "Opinion." Cancer in family. In history of humanity, never a better time to have cancer. Cancer death rates have fallen. We are all surrounded by survivors.

Bob Schieffer. Annual books and authors show. Gone Girl.

Next week. Ben Affleck on search for chocolate.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Wild Turkeys in Sierra Diablo Mountains of West Texas.


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