Sunday, November 18, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning for November 18, 2012

Charles Osgood, in a red blazer and green pants, introduced the stories for November 18, 2012, the "food issue" of CBS Sunday Morning. Eat, drink and be merry. Lee Cowan did "feeding frenzy," the cover story, with Wolfgang Puck. Second, Barry Peterson, marijuana as a food ingredient. Third, Michelle Miller with John Goodman doing food in New Orleans (easy does it). Fourth, Martha Teichner, food matches. Fifth, Bill Geist on "The Big Texan Steak Ranch." Headlines: Brokering a cease fire in Israel. Divers looking for bodies off Louisiana. Obama in Thailand. Chris Christie on Saturday Night Live. Line about reporters. Winter conditions in the west. Sunny in the east for the coming (Thanksgiving) week.

First, "feeding frenzy," starting with Wolfgang Puck and Spago restaurant. Today, people really know about food. Top Chef; Ramsay: Kitchen Nightmare. Television has changed the climate of eating. Julia Child. A frenzy fueled by social media. Guy Fieri was toasted. Christ Simmons on foodie-ism. Food is the new rock. Food landscape is about social experience. The story behind the chef. Gen-Y ers. Jonathan Gold shown in shadows. Border Grille, a food truck. Farmers markets and urban gardens. Food is now every person's hobby.

Some noodling around, next. Using their noodles. Faith Seeley. Georg Legendre: shapes of pasta. 92 different shapes. Book: "Pasta by Design." Fusilli Bunghi. Fisarmonachie. Strozzapeti. Air flows, pressure, temperature. Jacob Kennedy: book on "The Geometry of Pasta." Tortelli for creamy sauce. Lucretia Borgia. Tortellini modeled after her navel. 24$ of global consumption of pasta is by Americans.

Serena Alschuler on old world foods. A yogurt shop in NYC. John Heath heads innovation for Chobani. Nomads discovered yogurt. Picture: cucumber and olive oil and yogurt. Chobani is fastest growing yogurt brand in America. Greek yogurt will top 1 billion in sales. Tristan Zuber on greek brands in New York State. 553 million pounds of yogurt produced in NY. Siggy Helmerson of Siggy's yogurt (from Iceland). Whole Foods. Hemp, blueberries, and walnuts. Second part of story in Istanbul. Talking Turkey. Ansell Molins of Chicago, eating in Istanbul. Culinary tourism. Website: IstanbulEats. Street carts, hole in the wall joints. Cater to tourists who don't want to feel as tourits. Curated walking tours. Megan Clark, a PhD student from Vermont. Simet drizzled in kimac. Backstreet gourmets. Now, culinary walking tours worldwide. A selfinterested mission driven by desire to enjoy food.

Martha Teichner on perfect food pairing. Peas and carrots. Wiley Dufresne; WD50 Restaurant. Carrots in peas. Ideas that have been together for a long time. Wiley: candy canes, etc. ground up and placed on lamb. Science. Philadelphia. Monel Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. Marcia Levin at Monel. Balanced pairing your mouth likes. Brings out sweetness. Taste adaptation. Cookies and milk vs. cookies and orange juice. Odd pairing. Dwight Garner of NYT: peanut butter and pickles. NYC restaurant: The Pregnant Lady. Peanut butter and pickle. Humble yet profound. Teichner: it isn't terrible.

Marijuana brownies. Barry Peterson with Scott Dura: turkey chili. Wanda James. Colorado voters approved amendment: legalized pot for citizens 21 and older. Herbal Options. Edi=Pure. DMG. Dura's "special elixir," 3.5 to 4 joints. Growing marijuana is against federal law. Don't dose the unexpecting. The effects of eating marijuana are longer than smoking. Pumpkin bisque. More than 100 million Americans admit to trying marijuana. Punch line on marijuana food: "no leftovers."

Jess, a shelter dog. Jack Russell/chihuahua mix. Rita Braver on Margaret Bishop and her five dogs. Special meals. Norman and Carroll King of Marshall, Virginia. Pawgevity. Kale, collard greens. Raw meat. King says her product is safe for human consumption. "Honest Kitchen" in San Diego. Dried mango. Lucy Postens founded company ten years ago. Dehyrated raw food. Sells $12 million worth each year. Easy pessy, a name for tea. Dogs just eat it up.

Coming up: the meal that is the talk of Paris.

Where's the beef? David Turikamo in Paris. Victor Garnier, gourmet burger. Le Camion que fu; the smoking truck. Christian from Los Angeles. A mixture of beef that is a trade secret. Alexander Lubrano. Hungry for Paris, the book and the blog. Outside the US, France is biggest market for McDonald's. Daniel Boulouf. Burger wrapped around fois gras. People like American food in France.

Expired foods. Throwing out food. Erin Moriarty and Tracy Smith. Samantha Cassidy of Good Housekeeping. Once you open something, you have about 5 to 7 days. Eggs will stay fresh weeks beyond freshness date. Lisa Stassen of New York University: food dates are guidelines. Use your senses. If in doubt, throw it out. Cream of wheat. Tracy Smith: 30% of food is thrown out. Janet Kalisch. NY City high school teacher. For past 8 years, getting "rescued food" from garbage. Food is plentiful. Americans throw away $165 billion of food per year. On farms, produce is plowed under. Farmer grow too much. Christy Porter runs "Hidden Harvest" in Coachella Valley, CA. Rescued vegetables given away, like at senior centers. Loaves and Fishes in Naperville, Illinois. A good alternative to not eating. Pete Schaeffer of Northern Illinois Food Bank. Jualasco. There's not a shortage of food in Illinois. Some things may be worth saving. $282 million of turkey thrown away.

John Goodman is enjoying the good life in New Orleans. Interviewed by Michelle Miller. Walking oxymoron characters. Commander's Palace, three blocks from Goodman's house. The air carries music. Argo and Flight (Harling). Goodman stopped drinking five years ago. The important things in life: petting my dog. Anna Bette is his wife. Goodman grew up in St. Louis. A natural to play Dan Conner, Roseanne's husband. "Just because we're poor doesn't make us stupid." Is John Goodman blushing? Cohen Brothers. Raising Arizona. A fat guy who is loud. The big Lebowski. T. Martin of Commander's Palace: key to the back door.

Down in Texas, steaking a claim. Bill Geist and Rebecca Jarvis. "Free 72 ounce steak," The Big Texan Steak Ranch. Slab of sirloin. It's free if you eat it all, in an hour, on a stage. 3-6 guests a day try the challenge. Few defeat the meat. The steak stare. Big Victor from Albuquerque. Bill Geist did 2.5 pounds. In 50 years, 55000 taken challenge; 8500 won. A Siberian tiger won the contest in 90 seconds. Jeff Ferrara was shown winning the challenge. Second: Rebecca Jarvis. Death's Door Passage; Washington Island. Junipers. Ronald Dutch. Aromatic junipers to good use. Botanical to flavor gin. Death's Door Gin. Washington Island juniper berry. A gin revival. 170 gins sold in the US. Steve Olson is a cocktail historian. As early as 13th century, genevere. Death rate exceeds birth rate in London: gin demonized. Brian Ellison: cool to drink gin.

Goo Goo clusters. Anna Werner. Legendary Southern treat. Nashville, TN. The brand is 100 years old. Started by Howell Campbell. Lance Caine, Standard Candy Company. In 1912, first combined element candy bar. Before the Clark Bar. Goo Goo connected to the Grand Old Opry. Plant churns out 130,000 per day. Loveless Cafe, Alissa Huntsman created a GooGoo pie. Jesse Goldstein. Simplicity in all great Southern food. It's a GooGoo.
[Note: this is sort of a Sunday Morning Almanac, tho not labelled as such.]

Twinkies. Bill Flanagan of MTV. Cancel production of Hostess Twinkie. WonderBread no longer there. YodelMaker. Zingers. Now, Little Debbie will gain. Ding Dong, the Ding Dong is dead. Stockpiling snowballs. Bring back the Hostess Cupcake.

Bob Schieffer. Go directly to the middle east.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Rita Braver with Richard Gere.

Moment of nature. Spiriva Handihaler. Cape Canaveral, Florida. Feasting day for pigs.


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