Sunday, November 11, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning for November 11, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for November 11.

Zac Brown. Sally Field. Bill Geist on running marathons. Martha Teichner. Serena Alschuler. Steve Hartman.

Headlines: At least 1 person dead in Indianapolis. Earthquake in Myanmar. Whitesburg, KY. Paula Broadwell emails. Bob Orr on Petraeus resignation. Obama takes Florida. $480,000 dress. Alabama lost to Texas A&M. Weather: coasts are mild.

Correspondent Bob Orr is tracking the investigation. A female friend of Petraeus was getting threatening emails from Paula Broadwell. Broadwell's book "All In." Petraeus on Holly: an army wife and army daughter. The man in charge of the nation's secrets was brought down by one of his own.

The cover story was on climate change, reported by David Pogue of the New York Times. Is there climate change? Are we causing it? If so, can we do something about it? Sea levels have risen 8 inches since 1870. Measuring station in Boulder, CO run by NOAA. Duane Kitza. One of 70 sampling sites; 20,000 samples per year. Peter Tonsa, chief scientist at NOAA's sampling division. Current increase is 100 times as fast as earlier increases in CO2. "How much is the planet changing?" Richard Muller of Berkeley. Richard A. Muller is a converted skeptic. BUT number of fires is not increasing. Can't cherry pick problems. Hurricane Sandy. John Mutter, Environmental Science at Columbia University. Now: 10 hurricanes per year. 2 monsters. Future: 10 per year but four monsters. Beth Russell: science on a sphere. 717 ppm CO2. The models agree there will be more extreme weather. The problem now is us. The warming that we will have in the next 50 years. China surpassed the US in greenhouse gas in 2006. Pulse: 51% say human activity is causing climate change. 28% say natural.

Almanac. Nov. 11, 1885. George S. Patton born in San Gabriel, CA. Armistice Day on his 33rd birthday. June 1945. 40,000 white crosses. Died in Germany before Christmas, 1945. Now, 2 million WWII vets still ali, but this is the first Veteran's Day without a living veteran from WWI.

Martha Teichner on photographer Steven Wilkes. "Time Travel." Day to Night. Flat Iron Building on Sept 11, 2012. Central Park: day night after an ice storm. Wilkes rents a bucket truck, named Condor. Dawn on a cold morning in central park. In a day, 1400 images/photographs. In 1996, LIFE sent Steven Wilkes to photograph Romeo and Juliet. Changed time in a single photograph. Where to draw the line where day ends and night begins. Digitally fit them together. Brides coming to central park. "Where's Waldo." One Oct day to shoot took months to put together. Wilkes is thinking Shanghai, Jerusalem.

Harry and the Hendersons. Cryptozoology by Serena Alschuler. Jefferson, Texas. Lauren Coleman. Yeti. Movie: Half Human (1958). Beyond Loch Ness (2008). Big Foot. David Nixon. The Legend of Boggy Creek was filmed near here (in 1972). Shared culture Icon. America's Monster. Bill Brock. Eduardo Sanchez of Blair Witch Project. International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Oregon. Giant squid. Kraken. Jackelope. Lyle Blackburn, author.

"Dinner and a Show" by Rita Braver. Zamily. Zac Brown grew up in Georgia. Rusty Hamlin. Cookie: unique kitchen trailer. Zac is now 34. Wears cap; has a beard. People think they will project their BS on me. Album "Uncaged." Song with Allen Jackson. Wife: Shelley. Date on New Year's Eve.

Tony Duncan juggling prefaces a Bill Geist story on Jack Herfkowitz, a joggler. Carmine Street Jugglers in New York City. Jogging juggler. Albert Lucas, ISJF. Albert displays an amphora, which supposedly depicts joggling.

Sally Field is subject of Sunday Profile by Mo Rocca. Her portrayal of Mary Todd Lincoln in movie "Lincoln."

Steve Hartman at Puget Sound (Tacoma). 24 note melody of Taps. Back porch in suburban neighborhood. Don Ritton. 78 year old. Has been playing Taps for last two years.

Week ahead. Christies/Andy Warhol. Word of the year. Wednesday. Faith Seeley.
Friday: planting of dogwood trees in Tokyo. Sat. Obama starts trip to Asia.

Ben Stein. Opinion. Weak behavior in third debate. Clip of Barry Goldwater. Richard Nixon. We don't want to be just the (energizer) bunny. This is not the white man's country. Genuine multi-racial country.

Bob Shieffer. Petraeus.

Next week. Food issue of Sunday morning.

Moment of nature. Glacier National Park in Montana, in the company of bears. [No sponsor mentioned.]


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