Sunday, November 25, 2012

"60 Minutes" on November 25, 2012

The first preview was about giving kids inspiration. "We day." Scott Pelley interviews the founder.

Second, Lesley Stahl on rehearsals for "The Nutcracker."

Third, Lara Logan on movies about lions.

First, "Children helping children." Craig Kielberger. 17 years ago. Kids are looking to get involved. Kids want to assert who they are. Iqbal Massi. Ed Bradley interviewed Craig for 60 Minutes in 1996. Started a charity "Free the Children." Craig went to Asia to bust child labor shops. The lowest moment: the first time in southeast Asia: freed children went back into slavery, years later. The first trip was before the interview with Ed Bradley, and the only promise was to share the stories with people who would listen. Attack hardship and ignorance. Now, "Free the Children" is a $30 million per year charity. Children helping children. If you give kids the inspiration, it will change their lives. There are as many as nine "We days" per year. Nelly Furtado; Jennifer Hudson; Desmond Tutu. Craig's older brother is Mark. St. Anne's School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The average kid gives between $1 and $10 dollars. People walk by pennies; walk by kids, ignoring them. The Masai Mara in Kenya, East Africa. Each year 2400 kids lend a hand overseas. Scott interviews students going to the built school in Kenya. Magalena and Joey from St. Ann's School received a goat while in Kenya. Joey: poverty is a real thing. Not everybody can turn on a tap to get water.

Second, Lesley Stahl on the New York City Ballet. Stahl discloses that she has been on the Board of the New York City Ballet. Peter Martins has been ballet master since 1983. If the ballet were the Yankees, he would be both general manager and coach [?]. From the nycballet website:

Danish-born Peter Martins began his association with New York City Ballet in 1967, when he was invited to dance the title role in George Balanchine’s Apollo during the Company’s appearance at the Edinburgh Festival. He then performed as a guest artist with NYCB for three years before joining the Company as a Principal Dancer in 1970. Prior to retiring from dance in 1983, Mr. Martins danced a tremendous variety of roles with this Company, and as a guest artist with companies throughout the world, and was lauded for his outstanding partnering skills and noble stage presence.

Stahl notes that the audience for ballet is "graying." Martins talked about Russian defectors, who created big audiences in the US. Now, Martins commissioned Paul McCartney. Ocean's Kingdom. Leaps of fantasy and a happy ending. Critics on McCartney piece: a gimmick. Martins: you always think that they [critics] know better; what do you think?

Third, Lara Logan in Botswana. Akavango Delta. Derek does filming; Beverly records sound. Each film takes years to make. movie: The Last Lions. One cub was taken by a crocodile; another wounded by stampeding buffalo. Too sad. Crossing a bridge that has 4 meters of water and is filled with crocodiles. One picture showed a lion moving into the shade created by the vehicle. Spent 15 years documenting lions at night. Found out hyenas were making kills, and lions were scavengers. Lions attacking an elephant. Death begins in the eyes. The elephant survived. Documented lions ("super lions") living and hunting in water. Huge pectoral muscles and huge necks. Leopard caring for a baby baboon. Pushback from some scientists: "that's impossible." "Help save big cats." 450,000 to 20,000 lions. Last couple of generations of lions. Derek does the tracking. Identify lions by their whisker pattern. "This is our calling in life." Can't imagine living in New York.

Comments on last week's "The College Game". Banana Slugs of UC/Santa Cruz and the Rock of Slippery Rock.


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