Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Namesake" episode of NCIS on Oct. 30 does patents and Montford Point Marines

The episode was a tribute to the Montford Point Marines, black Americans who served during World War II. Billie Dee Williams plays Leroy Jethro Moore, for whom Gibbs received his "Leroy Jethro". A visit to a pawnshop turns up two items, a gun and a Congressional Medal of Honor (Moore's), which define the two main story themes.

Of the gun, a person was shot in a Ferrari, owned by one Vijay Chaya. Of relevance to patent attorneys and their clients, Chaya, a software mogul, was being hunted down by a disgruntled intern ("Alec Dell"), whose software idea [for a file sharing app] was patented by Chaya's company. When Gibbs explained the Dell problem to Chaya, Chaya pointed to an assignment agreement signed by Dell, and maintained he had done nothing wrong. Gibbs, with Ducky, asserted that Vijay had deceived Dell and had stolen invaluable IP from Dell. "He wants you dead."

Vijay agreed to a plan to place $1 million in Dell's bank account, leading quickly to Dell's apprehension, with help from a remote identification of Dell's motorcycle in Greenham [?], KY.

Apart from this "theft" of Dell's IP, Chaya came off as a sleeze, making a clumsy pass at Abby.

LBE noted one comment at tvline: Yea, Billie Dee Williams could play a WWII vet- if he was 8 when the war ended. That’s a mighty young vet.

Stillwater, PA comes up.


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