Monday, September 24, 2012

Unspecified production problems cause Gevo to go from isobutanol to ethanol!!

from Bloomberg on 24 September 2012:

Gevo Inc., a U.S. biotechnology company backed by French oil company Total SA (FP) and specialty- chemicals maker Lanxess AG (LXS), will shift to ethanol at its Luverne, Minnesota, plant and stop producing isobutanol, the more complex product the facility has been making since May.

Minnesota Public Radio stated:

In another ethanol development, Gevo will resume fuel production at its plant in Luverne. Gevo began producing isobutanol, another corn-based alcohol, at the facility earlier this year. But Gevo says it has run into some unspecified production problems and will temporarily go back to ethanol.

Was there some gamesmanship involved in the earlier isobutanol run related to the patent infringement/injunction issue?

UPDATE: Bloomberg noted on 2 October 2012:

Based on December contracts for ethanol and corn, plants are losing about 39 cents on each gallon of the biofuel [ethanol] produced, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That doesn’t include profit from the sale of dried distillers’ grains, a byproduct of ethanol production that can be fed to livestock.

Note also Biofuel Energy idles Minnesota ethanol plant


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