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CBS Sunday Morning on September 23, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for September 23, 2012, the first full day of fall. The cover story was by David Martin. Second story was Bill Whitaker on art at Cedars of Sinai Hospital, a recycled story. Third, Anthony Mason on the band No Doubt with Gwen Stefani. Fourth, Rita Braver on Nora Roberts. Also, stories by Mark Strassman and Steve Hartman.

Headlines. Pakistani official has placed a bounty on the maker of the anti-Islam film.
The State Department is taking CNN to task for publishing excerpts from the journal of Chris Stevens, which suggested the present of security issues in Libya. Egypt's new president suggests US should take different tact with Arab world.[Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, ] Salmonella outbreak from peanut butter at Trader Vic's. The man who entered tiger cage at Bronx Zoo has been charged. Drummer from Grateful Dead [Mickey Hart ] at AARP Convention in New Orleans: Music has therapeutic powers. Sweet 16 party in Netherlands crashed by thousands [3000 descended on Haren].

Weather. Fall-like. Rain in coming week, other than in northeast.

The cover story was "Starting Over" by David Martin on Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer. A five hour fire fight in Afghanistan. Medal of Honor ceremony was last October. Book "Into the Fire," by Dakota Meyer. Dakota described trying to kill an Afghan with a 203 grenade launcher, and then killing him with his bare hands. Meyer was sent out of Afghanistan early for PTSD. Meyer went home to Kentucky. It's hard living here; it's easy fighting. Meyer's father was interviewed. Meyer slept with a weapon for three months. Meyer started drinking. Kept a pistol in his Trailblazer. Tried to commit suicide. Meyer went to work in construction. Call for Medal of Honor made during Meyer's lunchbreak. Meyer had a beer with Obama. Whether you support Obama or not, nobody can say Obama is not a successful man. Meyer set up a scholarship fund. Text from Meyer's blog was included in the interview.

Almanac. Sept 23, 1939, the day Sigmund Freud died. Movie: A Dangerous Method. The Seven Percent Solution (Freud and Holmes). Quip from Annie Hall. Robert Mankoff New Yorker cartoonist. Song by Chad Mitchell Trio.

Bill Whitaker on art in Cedars of Sinai Medical Center, hiding in plain sight. John T. Lang is curator. LA's little secret. Thousands and thousands of pieces. Andy Warhol. Create an environment conducive to healing. Photographs by Lee Weaver of John F. Kennedy (related to patient with Addison's Disease). Surgeon in Chief of Cedars interviewed; benefits extend to everyone in most unexpected ways. Simon Weisman.
While in hospital, Jackson Pollock helped him with memory. Leonard Nimoy interviewed. Hospital is not a place to dump art. Book "Rebels in Paradise." On wall: Beautiful in My Eyes."

Clip. I could have been a contender by Marlon Brando. Elia Kazan's grand-daughter Zoeinterviewed by Mo Rocca. "It's complicated." "Revolutionary Road." Elia wrote A Streetcar Named Desire. Screenplay Ruby Sparks. A narrative nerd. Calvin dreams up Ruby. Calvin can control Ruby. Rocky transition from what is imagined, to loving someone warts and all. A fiction totally willing to believe. Value in sitting there and thinking up stories. Tell them beforehand what I want to hear. I need you to be parents. Zoe went to Yale University. Elia was a very present tense person. Splendor in the Grass is Zoe's favorite. Zoe has not seen A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
Zoe is 29.

Steve Hartman on 64 year old Peter DraKos from Detroit. Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. Started playing carnival games at age 9. A weekend at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Winning stuffed toya. He has donated a quarter of a million toys to charities. Recycled from August 24, 2012

Osgood on annual Emmy Awards. Big Bang vs. Thirty Rock. Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Drama. AMC's Mad Men. Breaking Bad. Boardwalk Empire. Homeland. Mark Strassman on Homeland.

Demons in post 9/11 world. Unstable CIA agent trying to stop home grown terrorist. Golden Globe for Claire Danes (Homeland). Hold a mirror to our times. Brimming with anxiety. Mandy Patinkin: desparately trying to find common ground in violence. Who's good; who's bad. Sergeant Brody. (Damian Lewis). Brody is a victim of war, eviserated by war. Carrie as Cassandra like character. Brody aborts his suicide plot at last minute. Lewis invited to White House dinner. Sound stage in Charlotte, North Carolina. Howard Gordon. A message is for propaganda. Now, Nicholas Brody elected to Congress. Pose a lot of questions in first season; answer the questions in second season? [Also in Homeland: Morena Baccarin ]

The New Season in books. Sales of printed books down 14% in last year. Average book reader is 44, but average age of buyer is 50. "Fifty Shades" and "Hunger Games".

Nora Roberts interviewed by Rita Braver. Angel's Fall. Interesting and strong. One of the top selling authors in the world. 400 million books in print. Independent heroines. First Romance writer to steer away from helpless heroine. J.D. Robb detective series. Characters are pretty. You want characters to have fabulous sex. Home in rural Maryland since 1972. Marooned in snow storm in 1979; started writing. Notebook with a pencil. Publishers rejected her. First novel published in 1981. Since then, more than 200 books. She spends 6 to 8 hours a day in her home office. Writing is never easy. 19 Romance writers of America awards. Inn in Boonesboro, Maryland restored. Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Jane and Rochester. Eve and Roarke. Acrylic chair. Her son owns local pizza joint. Husband owns bookstore. Welcome to Nora World. Now age 61. What would I do with all those stories; they would be crowding my head.

"It's My Life" by No Doubt. Band members interviewed by Anthony Mason. No Doubt has sold more than 33 million albums. Don't Speak and "It's My Life." Now the band is back. Gwen Stefani. Push and Shove. Stefani is now 42. Cover girl and fashion designer. A lot of great problems. California Club Scene; Anaheim in 1986. Stefani's brother Eric. Tony Canal, bass player. The Whisky. Old Ledgers of band's expenses. Stefani was sales girl in clothing store for older women. Polyester pants and makeup counter. Tony and Gwen split in 1994. Don't Speak. Hit #1 in 20 countries. That was the girl I used to be; Tragic Kingdom. Stefani launched three clothing lines. How do you manage all these Gwen Stefanis? Hardest job of all is being a mother. "No Doubt" is a family of its own.

New season is under way. A letter complained about repeated segments during the summer. Memorable enough to merit another airing. Complaints about commentary by Tavis Smiley. Please have Mo Rocca cut his hair. Comments about Sunday Morning? Write to 524 W. 57th St. or email to sundays at

Campaign 2012. Obama with 332 electoral votes? Obama outraised Romney. Obama spent 236 million on campaign advertising, far more than Romney. There are 44 days to election day.

Bob Schieffer interviews Bill Clinton.

Next week on Sunday Morning: "we get to the point."

Moment of Nature. Pradaxa. Cape Cod. Seals, without a shark in sight.


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Funny that someone wrote in to complain about the repeated stories during the summer. And ironic that there was a repeated story this week, even with all the trumpeting about the new season. (The story about art at Cedars Sinai Hospital ran 5/6/12.

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