Sunday, September 23, 2012

CBS "60 Minutes" on 23 September 2012

Scott Pelley interviews Mitt Romney. How does Romney plan to accomplish his objectives? How does Romney's vision differs from that of President Obama's. R: Obama's vision is larger government, more stimulus, and more spending. Romney: keep government as a facilitator. Pelley: before, in Mass., you were pro-choice. Pelley: some people have an idea that you are not constant. R: gave examples of Obama changing, but Pelley came back: "but what about you?"

Small government, reform of social security, lower taxes. Tax rates will go down 20%, but deductions will go down. Tax rate for everyone will go down. Pelley got into capital gains. R. noted company taxed first, then capital gains. Pelley: which taxes are going to be eliminated? Devils in the details. Pelley: you talk about balancing the budget without raising taxes. R: I am going to repeal Obama-care. I'm going to cut back on the size of the government itself. Programs to states: Medicaid, foot stamps. Cap the growth on social welfare programs. Pelley: why won't this throw us back into recession. Pelley: social security and medicare are 1/3 of federal budget. R: Medicare plan will stay the same. More means testing. People will have a choice of government run, fee for service, healthcare. Pelley: how would you change social security? Higher income folks would receive a little less.

Pelley: what is it specifically you are asking American people to sacrifice?

Steve Kroft interviews Barack Obama.

Pelley to R: what are the qualities of a leader? Having a vision, based on life experience. Pelley notes David McCullough states that great presidents learn.

Pelley: what's your big idea? R: freedom.

Kroft: what are the essential qualities of leadership? Obama: setting a course. I try to constantly present a vision of America where everybody's got a shot.

Kroft: David McCullough has noted great presidents have had a good understanding of history. Obama: persistence, being able to stay buoyant in the face of obtacles.

The first presidential debate is October 3 on CBS.


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