Friday, August 17, 2012

Zakaria reinstated at TIME and CNN

See post Time and CNN Reinstate Journalist After Review including the comment:

I wonder if Fareed fired the ''research assistant'' who did the actual reading and unattributed quoting of Lepore's article. From what I read -- and common sense confirms this -- the ''megastar'' journalists like Zakaria are far, far too busy earning megabucks on the lecture circuit, and for their half a dozen ''day jobs'' for TIME, MSNBC, CNN, USA Today, etc., etc., etc. to actually do their own work.

Like senior scientists, big-name ''journalists'' and ''historians'' become celebrities and stars today, because they farm out the time-consuming work of reading, research and even the writing to low-paid, uncredited, underlings, who in turn have to work as hard as they can just to keep their jobs.

No wonder he can glibly roll out this faux-pology and go straight back to work.

I do enjoy his show. But it's sad to see him exposed as the busy corporate capitalist he is, profiting off the labors of others, rather than a genuine deep-thinking intellectual.

And sadder yet to see the NYT writer offer Zakara's being "busy" as an excuse. Really? Would a high-school or college student get to get away with plagiarizing just by saying ''I'm so busy, maybe I didn't look closely enough and catch this error."

In the earlier plagiarism matter involving Laurence Tribe, there was speculation that a research assistant committed the plagiarism.


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