Sunday, August 05, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on August 5, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced "ports of call," a tour of islands around the world, a recycled episode from May 20, 2012. Susan Spencer did the cover story. 32.7 million Americans live alone. Second, Tracy Smith on whistle stop on the island of lagomera. Third, Lee Cowan on oil derricks ("Roughing It").

Charles Osgood switched to Jeff Glor for the news, as was done on May 20, 2012. Stories included shooter of Gabby Giffords [ A possible plea deal in the deadly Tucson shootings that wounded then-U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords would send Jared Lee Loughner to prison for the rest of his life, ] agreeing to plead guilty, Iranians in Syria, Hurricane Ernesto in Jamaica, Phelps 22 medals at the Olympics.

Weather: storms east of the Mississippi.

The first story started with the quote "no man is an island." Grand Hotel, 1932. Phone number posted by Ragsdale (347) 469-3173 about living alone. He has received over 70,000 phone calls.

Tracy Smith on whistling language on Lagomera, in the Canary Islands. A whistle can travel 3000 meters.

Lee Cowan on an offshore oil rig. Life on a mechanical island. Average income on the rig $80,000. Biker Mike is interviewed. Hercules 173 of Chevron. Pulled up to the rig on an orange ring. Lucy Craft on Hashima Island in Japan immediately follows. Tomoshi Kubota became a coal miner in 1961. A hive like community. No funeral home or cemetery. Brian Burke Gaffney wrote about Hiroshima and about Hashima. After 80 years, Hashima mine closed in 1974. How fast prosperity can turn to dust. We are living on resources, and as soon as they are depleted, lifestyle turns to ashes.

Mo Rocca starts a series with islands famous in history. 70 miles west of Key West is Garden Key. Site of Fort Jefferson. Ft. Jefferson was begun in 1846. Some bricks are from Pensacola, some are from Maine. There is only one entrance to the fort. Dr. Mudd lived there for 2.5 years. Yellow fever outbreak led to Mudd's pardon. Construction ended in 1889. The fort has been sinking.

Seth Doane on making rum from sugar cane. On Martinique. Agricol Rum. Sugar cane introduced in 1493. Molasses distilled into rum. Ed Hamilton teaches about rum. Bryant's Bar in Milwaukee. Bacardi's distillery in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jose Gomez is master blender for Bacardi. Gomez showed Doane a zig zag yeast. Finest rum sells for $2000 per bottle. Next, Nancy Giles does cook's tour of kitchen islands. G. D. Cochina. Urban Homes. Elizabeth Cromley of Northeastern University. Kitchen island gained traction in the 1970s. Johnny Gray, architect, refers to the sweet spot. Andrew Solomon's home in New York City. "Graph of happiness" shows happiest time is between 7 and 10pm. More than 50% of new homes have kitchen islands.

Rita Braver talks to Ed Koch, former mayor of NYC. How am I doing. 1978 to 1990.
When Koch took office, NYC was on edge of bankruptcy. Koch cleaned up Times Squares. After three terms, Koch did not win a fourth term. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

Mo Rocca on Elba. Napolean was exiled there after defeat in Paris in 1814. A clip from CBS show "You are there." A flag with three bees. Two doves tugging on a ribbon. 1937 movie: Conquest. Next time: exiled to St. Helena.

Richard Schlesinger of 48 Hours does an island of tranquillity in West Virginia. Green Bank, WVa: national radio quiet zone. The national radio astronomy laboratory. Ethan Shrier observes pulsar. Clip of a pay phone. Radiodetection truck. Diane Skow believes radio waves were making her sick, so she moved to W Va.

Martha Teichner. 1864 islands in thousand islands region. George Boldt, manager of Waldorf-Astoria. Louise Boldt died in 1904. Oscar of the Waldorf made the dressing famous. Story in Clayton, NY. Recipe found in safe. Sophia, La Lome. May Irwin. First ever screen kiss. Mary Dillon of "Thousand Island Inn." Legend 3. Chicago's Blackstone Hotel. Pickle relish, thousand islandos. $200 million of thousand island dressing bought per year.

Mo Rocca on Atlantis. Antillia. The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Ignatius Donnelly wrote about Atlantis.

Bob Shieffer. Virgina governor Bob McDonald.

Next week on Sunday Morning. All the world's a stage.

Moment of Nature: Spiriva Handihaler: giant manta rays off Mexico's San Benedicto Island.


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